Divorces for the week of Oct. 19, 2011

Published 11:25am Friday, October 21, 2011

The following couples were granted divorces in Shelby County from Oct. 4-11:

-Lawrence E. Scott and Catherine Scott of Pelham.

-David K. Sloneker of Birmingham and Jennifer B. Sloneker of Birmingham.

-Gregory H. Pyron of Birmingham and Julie L. Pyron of Birmingham.

-David Cooley of Hoover and Amber Renee Cooley of Hoover.

-George M. Theodore of Bluff Park and Zona E. Theodore of Birmingham.

-Leah K. U. Faulkner of Pelham and Christopher B. Faulkner of Pelham.

-Robert Keith Rockett of Maylene and Malinda Jones Rockett of Maylene.

-Daniel Paul Brown Jr. of Helena and Cori Lindsay Brown of Brookwood.

-Tiffany Paige Brasher Wolfe of Columbiana and Allen Dale Wolfe of Wilsonville.

-Katie Anne Vandiver of Bluff Park and Jamie Michael Vandiver of Murfreesboro, Tenn.

-Leslie Andy Pickett of Montevallo and Brenda Johnson Pickett of Montevallo.

-Jodi Benton of Columbiana and Ronald Benton of Montevallo.

-Jeremy Swenson of Alabaster and Denice Michelle Swenson of Alabaster.

-Latresa Lewis of Adamsville and Darrell Lewis of Adamsville.

-Lisa Kaye Brown of Montevallo and Adriano Moreira Avellar of Montevallo.

-G. Michael Lange of Helena and Yan Wang Lange of Helena.

-Francine B. Hill of Leeds and Jeffrey A. Hill and Wilsonville.

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