Land transactions for the week of Nov. 2, 2011

Published 2:14pm Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Oct. 21-27:

Oct. 21

-Fannie Mae to Gerald W. Terry for $51,450 for Lot 18 in Wildewood Village.

-Synovus Trust Company, trustee, and Peter N. Grammas Marital Trust to Malki Properties LLC for $860,000 for property.

-Hayden D. Center Sr. and Joyce A. Center to Terence P. and Sandra C. Lyons for $262,000 for Lot 1332 in Macallan at Ballantrae.

-Fannie Mae to Kelly Parham for $139,000 for Lot 45 in High Ridge Village.

-Hamilton B. and Rebecca J. Mitchell to James Parks for $148,900 for Lot 55 in Dearing Downs.

-David Eugene Shanks, devisee, Martha Ellen Shanks Padgett, devisee, Barbara Jane Shanks Spink, devisee, and Marjorie Ellen Welbes Shanks, estate, to James M. and Rebecca L. Cason for $155,000 for Lot 151 in Greystone Ridge Garden Homes.

-Kandis Drake and Carl Franklin Brown to Jamie and Chassidi Likens for $269,000 for Lot 55 in Quail Run.

-James M. and Rebecca L. Cason to Helen R. Cooper for $236,000 for Lot 526 in Windstone.

-Fannie Mae to Carl A. and Dina Blomstran for $115,000 for Lot 6 in Kerry Downs.

-Albert E. Hylton to Dennis Blackerby for $71,834 for property.

-Tammy B. Loggins to Walter and Brenda Bullock for $20,000 for property.

-Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association for $84,201 for Lot 25 in Waterford Village.

Oct. 24

-Camden Cove West LLC to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $19,000 for Lot 236 in Camden Cove West.

-Chesser Development LLC to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $28,500 for Lot 140 in Cottages at Chesser.

-Lynn Ellison and Robert Earl Ellison, estate, to John and Jane Ellison for $10,000 for Lot 13 in Navajo Hills.

-Fannie Mae to Steven Garett and Mirana Lynn Payne for $144,000 for Lot 32 in Indian Springs Willow Ridge Addition.

-Fannie Mae to James W. and Patricia L. Willis for $34,900 for Lot 2 in Alma H. Jeters Addition to Montevallo.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to James Stimpson for $290,000 for Lot 123 in Greystone Farms Milners Crescent.

-Patricia Henson to Katie Thomas for $6,500 for property.

-Chris T. and Jenni B. Humphrey to Jenni B. Humphrey for $10,000 for property.

-David Kyatt and Kenneth Newman for $129,000 for Lot 365 in Old Cahaba Oak Ridge.

-Legacy Building & Development LLC to Gibson & Anderson Construction Inc. for $80,000 for Lot 472 in Caldwell Crossings.

-Mark Scott and Terri S. McDaniel to Jonathan Derek Starr for $179,000 for Lot 24 in Selkirk Subdivision of Inverness.

-Jewel Pritchard, trustee, David L. Cisco, trustee, and Pritchard Living Trust to Pamela H. May for $99,000 for Lot 58 in Wyndham Cottages.

-Thornton New Home Sales Inc. to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $28,500 for Lot 146 in Cottages at Chesser.

-Robert E. Wright to James C. Nelson for $100,000 for Lot 67 in Southern Pines.

-Robert J. and Jane B. Borders to Henry K. and Elena L. McBride for $362,000 for Lot 221 in Lakewood.

-Everbank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 227 in Cedar Grove at Sterling Gate.

-NSH Corp to Leon B. Cowden for $114,900 for Lot 55 in Enclave.

-Maurice G. Pearson Jr. to Maurice G. Pearson Jr. and Gisela W. Pearson for $5,000 for property.

-Lois R. Pearson to Maurice G. Pearson Jr. and Gisela W. Pearson for $5,000 for property.

-Southfirst Bank to Henry and Elena McBride for $37,000 for Lot 300 in Lakewood.

Oct. 25

-AFK Land LLC to Tammy Nabors for $150,000 for Lots 3-5 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to Ray Nabors for $55,000 for Lot 1 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to Thi Nguyen and Xuan T. Truong for $70,000 for Lots 11-12 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to Keith Krininger for $300,000 for Lots 13, 20, 22, 24, 26 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to Christopher Paul and Lea Hand Harbor for $97,500 for Lot 18 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to Entrust Administration of the Southeast FBO IRA #1557 for $45,000 for Lot 2 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to Entrust Administration of the Southeast FBO IRA #1557 for $120,000 for Lot 15 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to Franklin and Leigh Ann Danley for $99,000 for Lot 19 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to Robert and Lorraine Cerfolio for $178,000 for Lots 9-10 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to John T. and Alice T. Gross for $100,000 for Lot 7 in Stagg Run.

-AFK Land LLC to Greg Ashcraft for $107,000 for property.

-James R. and Sheree H. Andrews to Tommy L. and Lisa Q. Broadhead for $707,000 for Lot 501 in Greystone Legacy.

-Dale and Victoria Benton to Duewayne and Allison Holley for $635,000 for Lot 848 in Greystone Legacy.

-Brown Dog LTD. to John O. and Marie Freeman for $350,000 for Lot 3-04 in Mt Laurel.

-Mildred Virginia Guarnieri Diliberto and James William Guarnieri Jr. to Mildred Virginia Guarnieri Diliberto for $82,000 for property.

-Drum Construction Corp to James R. and Sheree H. Andrews for $525,000 for Lot 3 in Greystone Legacy.

-Fannie Mae to Carlos and English Gonzalez for $175,000 for Lot 99 in Narrows Peak.

-Alexander and Valerie N. Goebel to Timothy Wayne Canterbury and Megan Judith Knowles for $107,500 for Lot 164 in Camden Cove.

-Frank Jones to ARK Land LLC for $22,500 for property.

-NSH Corp to Stephen L. Wolbach Jr. for $255,000 for Lot 54 in Bent River.

-NSH Corp to Richard Scott and Amy Green Santagata for $218,165 for Lot 121 in Bent River.

-Park Homes LLC to David O. Kimbrough for $147,500 for Lot 7-21 in Chelsea Park.

-Pamela G. and Johnny Reach to Oscar D. Mann, Willodean Mann and Micah B. Mann for $141,500 for Lot 705 in Savannah Pointe.

-Spratlin Construction Co. Inc. to Billy R. Jones for $15,000 for Lot 16 in Chelsea Ridge Estates.

Oct. 26

-Warren K. Bailey to Sarah I. Ratliff for $725,000 for property.

-Robert H. Chapman to Jeanie F. Lindsey for $147,500 for Lot 57 in Timber Park.

-Neil and Shana M. Decker to Jennifer and Shane Boyle for $153,700 for Lot 18 in Forrest Hills.

-Homesales Inc. to Lee B. and Malissa M. Pinson for $72,000 for Lot 138 in Waterford Village.

-JDS Homes Inc. to Emerald Parc LLC for $0 for Lot 33 in Emerald Parc.

-JPMorgan Chase Bank, Washington Mutual Bank, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, receiver, and Savings Bank to Mark A. and Derenda J. Sislak for $282,000 for Lot 2039 in Lake Point Estates.

-NSH Corp to Prashantkumar Yogeshkumar Patel for $230,910 for Lot 124 in Bent River.

-William W. Parchman Jr. and Afrika Parchman to Sherman Prad for $175,000 for Lot 736 in Waterford Cove.

-Phillip and Diane Paulk to Scotch Homes & Land Development Group Inc. to $75,000 for Lot 51 in Forest Meadows.

-Harry J. Pommer Jr. and Brenda Pommer to Alexander and Valerie N. Goebel for $149,900 for Lot 15 in Southern Hills.

-David L. and Annette P. Cheek to Larry Wayne and Tricia Lacey Hyde for $212,000 for Lot 4-77 in Chelsea Park.

-Edwin P. and Sharon Pate Cleveland to Francis W. and Wendy A. Griggs for $195,000 for Lot 4 in Lincoln Park.

-James T. and Mary M. McQuade to James T. McQuade, trustee, Mary M. McQuade, trustee, and McQuade Living Trust for $10,000 for Lot 16 in Tanglewood by the Creek.

-Lorenzer Patterson to Lorenzer Patterson, trustee, Gail L. Patterson, trustee, and Patterson Living Trust to $10,000 for Lot 9 in South Pointe.

-James M. and Keri Lee Robinson to Bradley Frederick Hall for $258,500 for Lot 20 in Selkirk a Subdivision of Inverness.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Donald E. Sisk Jr. for $63,830 for Lot 33 in Ivanhoe.

-Donald L. Yancy Jr. and Janice E. Yancy to William S. and Patricia Carlin for $225,000 for Lot 839 in Riverchase Country Club.

Oct. 27

-Elaine W. Beiersdoerfer to Werner H. Beiersdoerfer for $100,000 for Lot 3 in Meadow Lake Farms.

-Cahaba Beach Investments LLC to Stacie Elise O’Cain for $168,500 for Lot 604 in Lofts at Edenton a Condominium.

-Samuel A. Ciulla, estate of senior, and Samule A. Ciulla, junior personal representative, to Brady M. and Marie F. Logan for $169,595 for Lot 51 in Oakridge.

-D&H Cabinet Inc. to EHI Inc. for $45,000 for Lot 8 in Metrock Industrial Park.

-Fannie Mae to Cheryl Lucas for $80,000 for Lot 90 in Cambrian Ridge.

-Frank Lee Jr. and Peggy T. Lee to John R. Pidgeon Jr. for $520,000 for Lot 23 in Heatherwood.

-Ronnie O’Neal to Jacob Tober for $215,000 for Lot 52 in Townes at Brook Highland.

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