Land transactions for the week of Nov. 16, 2011

Published 4:03pm Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Nov. 4-10:


Nov. 4

-Fannie Mae to Ryan Vidischak for $86,000 for Lot 4 in Ironwood.

-Michael V. and Angela N. Blount to Lacey and Luke Cox for $70,000 for Lot 13 in Cahaba Manor Townhomes.

-Jeffrey D. and Marlene Carol Boomhower to Marlene Carol Boomhower for $5,000 for property.

-Chesser Development LLC to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $57,000 for Lots 163 and 174 in Cottages at Chesser.

-James R.A. Drum, Kimberly Drum and Servicefirst Bank to Servisfirst Bank for $0 for Lot 6 in Greystone Legacy.

-Fannie Mae to Andre D. Brown for $84,900 for Lot 24 in Hidden Creek.

-Fannie Mae to Steven Isbell for $100,000 for Lot 60 in Scottsdale.

-NSH Corp to Jerry D. and Anita C. Goodall for $237,600 for Lot 99 in Bent River.

-NSH Corp to Latresha Y. Anger for $140,600 for Lot 102 in Waterstone.

-Proctor & Sons Builders Inc. to Gary T. Bridwell Jr. and Elizabeth M. Bridwell for $162,000 for Lot 184 in Heritage Trace.

-Emerson and Gloria J. Lenoir to Drexel D. Heard for $395,000 for Lot 97 in Cove of Greystone.

-Marca Management Systems LLC to MW Properties LLC for $737,500 for Lot C-5A in Eagle Point.

-Park Homes LLC to Thomas Luke and Megan D. Hackbarth for $178,900 for Lot 7-253 in Chelsea Park.

-PHH Mortgage Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 49 in Meadowbrook Brook.

-Bridgett T. Pickett to Yen H. Dibble for $206,900 for Lot 1827 in Old Cahaba.

-Regent Park Homes LLC to Park Homes LLC for $10,000 for Lot 7-253 in Chelsea Park.

-Daniel R. and Jennifer Richardson to Tony L. Webster for $151,500 for Lot 69 in Laurel Woods.

-Walton F. and Glenda P. Therrell to Brenda C. McGraw for $250,000 for Lot 51 in Courtside at Brook Highland a Condominium.

-Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 3 in Lymans Addition to the Town of Montevallo.

-William D. and Deborah A. Wible to Gary D. and Donielle Scott for $340,000 for Lot 3028 in Riverchase Country Club.

-William J. Acton Construction Inc. to David Acton Building Corporation for $46,000 for Lot 2201 in Highland Lakes.


Nov. 7

-William Robert Campbell, personal representative, and Gerald J. Campbell, estate, to Rebecca A. Robinson for $130,000 for Lot 30 in Cedar Grove at Sterling Gate.

-Fannie Mae to Don and Bonita Hoover for $239,900 for Lot 14 in Village at Highland Lakes Regent Park Neighborhood.

-Julia Elizabeth Baer, trustee, and Phillip A. Baer Family Trust to Patricia Ann and Eldon Lyman Erickson for $79,000 for Lot 18 in Georges Subdivision of Keystone.

-Jean C. and Jack Collum to Lilly Epperson Phillips for $0 for property.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Linda J. Tatum for $113,000 for Lot 739 in Waterford Cove.

-J. Steven Mobley to Mobley Development Inc. for $70,000 for property.

-Ponder Properties LLC to St. George Investments LLC for $10,000 for Lot 8 in Greystone Highlands Commercial Subdivision.

-Kathleen L. Thomas to Nikki G. Wonn for $35,000 for property.

-Weatherly Commercial Center LLC to Southlake Center LLC for $3,050,000 for Lot 1 in Southlake Office Park.

-Jennifer Snell Willis and Jeremy V. Willis to Jeremy V. and Jennifer Snell Willis for $125,000 for Lot 33 in Courtside at Brook Highland a condominium.


Nov. 8

-Nancy C. and James W. Brewster to Nancy C. Brewster for $50,000 for Lot 5 in Lay Lake Farm Estates.

-Central State Bank to Freeda Ann Smith and Tommy Sandlin for $15,000 for property.

-Fannie Mae to Heath and Patti Smith for $85,000 for property.

-Rusian L. Faust, junior trustee, and Faust Family Trust to Brandon Steven Sinquefield for $105,000 for property.

-Diane P. Gurganus to David C. and Robyn Green for $134,000 for Lot 59 in Hidden Forest.

-Jennings Properties and Investments LLC to Picklesimer Investment LLC for $887 for Lot 601 in Horizon a Condominium.

-Kenneth Lafoy Jones to Ray L. Payne and John Van Norstrand III for $148,900 for Lot 106 in Stagecoach Trace.

-Rose Mary Lanzi to Michael E. and Nancy M. Price for $147,000 for Lot 44 in Falliston.

-Charles E. Loggins, estate, and Tina Loggins, personal representative, to Randy D. and Wanda T. Coleman for $65,000 for property.

-Mary R. Monk Tutor and Terry M. Tutor to Mickey and Sharon Tidwell for $143,000 for Lot 4 in North Fork Estates.

-Cherry and William Alan Moody to Stephen P. Stack for $144,000 for Lot 30 in Twin Oaks.

-Residential Funding Company LLC to Randy Lee Reed for $79,900 for Lot 139 in Rossburg Townhomes.

-Patricia E. and Joseph L. Sherrill Jr. to Patricia E. and Joseph L. Sherrill Jr. for $400,000 for Lot 13 in Heatherwood.

-Katie Lou Smith, estate, and Amalee C. Smith, conservator guardian, to Ben and Louise S. Lavender for $225,000 for property.

-William F. Spratlin to Melina S. Tolleson for $120,000 for property.

-Tony C. and Kathleen Yesso to Michael Scott and Christen Jean Stevens for $213,000 for Lot 4-84 in Chelsea Park.

-Nicholas E. and Amber N. Yourgules to Amber N. Yourgules for $64,000 for Lot 48 in Saint Charles Place Jackson Square.


Nov. 9

-Jayma S. Blythe and Brian Carlisle to Bryan A. and Stephanie M. Hennigan for $122,000 for Lot 662 in Forest Lakes.

-Ralph D. and Carolyn L. Conrad to Brian D. Conrad for $100,000 for Lot 286 in Forest Lakes.

-Richard G. Florence Jr. and Joyce Florence to James E. and Johnnie M. Edwards for $277,000 for Lot 476 in Riverwoods.

-Roy B. Arthur to Randall O. and Courtney M. Johnson for $165,000 for Lot 24 in Old Mill Trace.

-Chase Home Finance to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 324 in Silver Creek.

-Frank C. Ellis, junior executor, and Myra Stinson Vickery, estate, to Paul T. Stinson Jr. for $10,000 for property.

- Frank C. Ellis, junior executor, and Myra Stinson Vickery, estate, to Harry Edward Stinson Jr. for $10,000 for property.

-Fannie Mae to Clinton L. Champion for $155,000 for Lot 205 in Forest Lakes.

-Ronald and Sonja Fleming to Hunter Laura Haisten for $312,000 for Lot 1-87 in Chelsea Park.

-Anne B. Giardina to Don J. Giardina for $203,200 for Lot 27 in Parc at Greystone.

-Hunter Reid and Laura Mazzone Haisten to Jayma B. and Thomas Brian Carlisle for $192,000 for Lot 52 in Brook Chase Estates.

-Griffith R. Harsh III, Jane Glasser, Frances Christian, Martha Chapman, John Harsh Jr. Elisabeth Smith, Toni R. Harsh, William L. Harsh III, Mary Burgess, Mary Kate Joly and Mary Celeste Joly to G.R. Harsh Sr. Real Estate Holdings LLC for $3,860 for property.

-Kenneth E. and Leah Hays to Cristina P. and Jason Lee Cole for $209,000 for Lot 3 in Pools addition to Pelham.

-Tim and Elizabeth K. Kendrick to Kelley C. and Stephen C. Fant for $124,900 for Lots 1 and 11 in Hubbard and Givhans Subdivision.

-Raymond D. Kietzman to Winston C. Pody Jr. and Lisa O. Pody for $122,500 for Lot 35 in Chesser Reserve.

-Cynthia K. Latham to Charles W. and Phyllis T. Powell for $232,863 for Lot 7 in Southlake Crest.

-David K. McGhee to Carla S. Richardson for $129,900 for Lot 144 in Emerald Ridge.

-NSH Corp to Allison Williamson and Randy Allen McCammon Jr. for $264,189 for Lot 49 in Village at Highland Lakes Regent Park Neighborhood.

-James R. and Karen K. Stanbridge to Gerald and Cartessia N. Seaborn for $253,641 for Lot 2 in Wild Timber.

-Village at Highland Lakes Inc. to NSH Corp for $65,000 for Lot 62 in Village at Highland Lakes.

-James Michael and Whitney Wells to Billy Wayne Strickland for $152,500 for Lot 18 in Davenports Addition to Riverchase.


Nov. 10

-Deborah Anderson to Deborah W. Anderson, trustee, Trent D. Anderson, trustee, and Deborah Anderson Living Trust for $162,000 for Lot 17 in Chanda Terrace.

-Derek J. and Stephanie L. Barber to Kelley Shea Tunnell for $341,000 for Lot 54 in Haven at Greystone.

-Marcia Carden to Joseph K. and Judy K. Goodwin for $12,000 for property.

-Brandon C. Collins to Angela Robinson for $92,500 for Lot 2 in Chandalar Townhomes.

-Cristian and Camelia C. Cristofaro to Aaron James Thompson for $191,900 for Lot 54 in Meadowbrook.

-Cindi Di Iorio to Darren Long for $76,900 for Lot 78 in Fieldstone Park.

-Chad and Deborah D. Epps to Zachary T. and Julie V. Lawson for $181,900 for Lot 74 in Dearing Downs.

-Greenbriar LTD to Gilbert E. and April D. Gray for $37,231 for Lots 96 and 98 in Sterling Gate.

-International Investments LLC to Thomas J. and Kris Costigan for $187,500 for Lot 4 in Greystone.

-Jennifer Morthland and William Morthland to Christopher L. Wood for $145,000 for Lot 20 in Amberley Woods.

-NSH Corp to Kimberly Coursey for $129,900 for Lot 100 in Waterstone.

-PNC Bank to Candice Cochran for $74,000 for Lot 147 in Camden Cove.

-Riverwoods Properties LLC to Bobby Steven Foster Jr. and Jennifer Ingle Foster for $44,000 for Lot 788 in Riverwoods.

-Brian Reid and Jennifer Jones Rushing to Katherine E. Henderson for $169,900 for Lot 33 in Old Town Helena.

-Randy Selman, administrator, and Roddy Joe Selman, estate, to Mary Lee Brown, estate, and Trust Estate B. for $24,000 for property.

-Zhongkai Shi and Wenyan Zhang to Christy and Brian Wilson for $281,250 for Lot 70 in Altadena Woods.

-Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 3 in Broken Bow.

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