Land transactions for the week of Nov. 23, 2011

Published 10:52am Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Nov. 14-17:


Nov. 14

-Milner Wayne and Norma Jean Gould to Preston J. and Nicole B. Horton for $10,000 for property.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Julianne Barnhill for $272,500 for Log 1049 in Highland Lakes.

-Christy and Jody Drake to Christy Drake for $10,000 for Lot 16 in Brookfield.

-Matthew S. and Elizabeth C. Phillips to Matthew S. and Elizabeth C. Phillips for $67,500 for Lot 11 in Emerald Ridge.

-Trustmark National Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 67 in Townside Square.

-Chesser Development LLC to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $57,000 for Lots 160 and 172 in Cottages at Chesser.

-Jeffrey Scott and Christina Dargan to Kathryn A. Sydes for $125,000 for Lot 2 in Woodland Hills.

-John B. Logan to Joel and Joyce Dabbs for $355,000 for Lot 23 in Heatherwood Forest.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kevin and Ashley Taylor for $135,250 for Lot 619 in Savannah Pointe.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Britney Ferino for $102,066 for Lot 111 in Autumn Ridge.


Nov. 15

-Alabama Youth Home Inc. to Leland IV LLC for $70,000 for property.

-Kelly N. Baker to Clinton J. Grubbs for $96,000 for Lot 167 in Hayesbury.

-Cobb Building Company Inc. to Michael C. and Allison L. Barrett for $255,000 for Lot 162 in Long Branch Estates.

-Lance Cook to James R. and Janet M. Lown for $280,000 for Lot 327 in Caldwell Crossings.

-Don and Kathryn Maynard to Jerry W. Isbell for $141,350 for Lot 356 in Forest Lakes.

-Morequity Inc. to Waiel Jassim for $43,900 for Lot C in Chandalar South Townhouses.

-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Marcus T. Brimley for $182,500 for Lot 33 in Eagle Cove.

-Samuel E. Niven Jr. to Samuel E. Niven Jr. and Gay Niven for $5,000 for Lot 21 in Lime Creek at Chelsea Preserve.

-Sara Elizabeth Rosser to Stephen R. and Wanda Anderson for $10,000 for lots 8-11 in Squires Map of the town of Helena.

-Star Properties LLC to Teresa Weeks for $124,000 for Lot 105 in Hidden Forest.

-Andrew J. Woodrow III to H. Glenn Baxter Jr. and Mickie R. Baxter for $213,000 for Lot 53 in Villas Belvedere.

-Valerie Chramer, trustee, and Hassell O. Phillips Irrevocable Trust to Vester Lynn McMullan and Martha Travis Roper for $217,000 for Lot 5 in North Lake at Greystone.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jason M. Beasley for $72,000 for Lot 47 in Savannah Pointe.


Nov. 16

-Birmingham Realty Co. to Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum for $275,000 for property.

-Cell Tower Lease Acquisition LLC to Global Signal Acquisition IV LLC for $511,928 for property.

-Compass Bank to AFK Land LLC for $82,500 for property.

-Compass Bank to Bruce Michael Benik Sr. and Loretta Jane Benik for $2,750 for Lot 5 in Mountain Lake.

-Compass Bank to Bruce Michael Benik II and Bruce Michael Benik Sr. for $78,650 for Lot 142 in Summer Brook.

-Fannie Mae to Christopher C. Skinner for $95,000 for Lot 43 in Chandra Terrace.

-Marty E. and Tiffany D. Harbert to Gaytan G. Glover Sr. for $272,000 for Lot 71 in High Hampton.

-Kim L. Nall Harrison and Jeanette H. Brannon to Kim L. Nall Harrison, Jeanette H. Brannon and Robert Bruce Harrison for $50,000 for Lot 14 in Penhale Park Subdivision.

-Clay M. and Lisa H. Holland to Clay M. Holland, co-personal representative, Teresa H. Cruger, co-personal representative, and Carolyn M. Holland, estate, for $75,000 for property.

-Kenneth E. Jackson to Bishop Creek Office LLC for $630,000 for property.

-Alan W. and Desiree Jemison to Haggard Properties LTD for $247,000 for property.

-JTJG LLP to Shelby County Board of Education for $145,000 for property.

-Mobley Development Inc. to DAL Properties LLC for $155,600 for Lots 1911-1914 in Dunrobin.

-Morequity Inc. to Pleshette Sherrod for $170,000 for Lot 715 in Waterford Cove.

-Theresa M. Owens, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. for $0 for Lot 44 in Chanda Terrace.

-Charles E. and Billie P. Rooks to Mary Beth Cramer and Tris D. Muncher for $134,400 for Lot 307 in Shelby Forest Estates.

-Curtis N. and Leanne B. Shiley to Brett S. and Leigh Anne Harris for $281,000 for Lot 214 in Lakewood.

-United States Steel Corporation to the City of Helena for $100 for property.

-Elizabeth Weatherford to Gregory Thomas to Mark and Mia Wylie for $362,000 for Lot 351 in Highland Lakes.


Nov. 17

-Thomas E. and Elizabeth S. Fletcher to Tommie Ann Scott for $5,000 for Lots 6-7 in Homestead.

-Tajuana McNeel, heir at law, Eddie Staffney, junior heir at law, Bryant Staffney, heir at law, Kevin Staffney, heir at law, Tracey Cook, heir at law, Julie Staffney, heir at law, Katrina Staffney, heir at law, Tekedra Staffney, heir at law, and Eddie Staffney, deceased, to Tajuana McNeel, Eddie Staffney Jr., Bryant Staffney, Kevin Staffney, Tracey Cook, Julie Staffney, Katrina Staffney and Tekedra Staffney for $5,000 for Lot 17 in Melton Marchant Subdivision.

-Compass Bank to David Cooper for $4,950 for Lots 220 and 222 in Lochinvar at Ballantrae.

-J. Mark and Rose Ann Davis to William G. Twitty for $305,000 for Lot 12 in Paradise Cove.

-Luella A. Griffin to Community Baptist Church for $85,000 for property.

-Household Finance Corporation of Alabama to Phillip Lawrence for $77,000 for Lot 1 in Southwind.

-NSH Corp to Mary Clay and Blanton Reed for $219,925 for Lot 75 in Village at Highland Lakes Regent Park Neighborhood.

-Lisa A. and Jeffrey S. Payne to Jeffrey and Tina Waters for $335,000 for Lot 758 in Riverwoods.

-Propst Vestavia LLC to NSH Corp for $160,000 for Lots 108, 117, 41 and 48 in Bent River.

-Ethel A. Sizemore to Jerry D. and Sandra L. Harding to $50,000 for property.

-Cynthia T. Smith to Thomas H. Smith Jr. for $25,000 for Lot 217 in Brynleigh Estates.

-Louis Coleman Smith Jr., devisee, and Helen S. Smith, deceased, to El Cobre Bosque for $237,000 for property.

-Theresa Bruno Sprain to Theresa B. Sprain, trustee, and Theresa B. Sprain Revocable Trust for $604,000 for Lot 8 in Windwood Circle.

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