Divorces for the week of Dec. 28, 2011

Published 12:19pm Friday, December 23, 2011

The following couples were granted divorces in Shelby County from Dec. 12-20:


-Tracy Lee Kimbrough of Moody to John Jacob Kimbrough of Alabaster.

-John Milligan of Columbiana and Launa Milligan of Calera.

-Loyce Michelle Lunsford of Calera and John Wayne Lunsford of Calera.

-Susan Burrow Gibson of Birmingham and Paul Kevin Gibson of Springville.

-Anabel Hernandez of Pelham and Rafael Hernandez of Pelham.

-Rebecca Leigh Kelley of Pelham and Michael Damien Kelley of Pelham.

-James Howard Nipper of Maylene and Iris Mattis Nipper of Maylene.

-Jennifer Jones Cavender of Calera and Phillip Ray Cavender of Calera.

-Robert K. Duff Sr. of Alabaster and Tina M. Duff of Alabaster.

-Janet Williams Lowery of Calera and Kenny Wayne Lowery of Alabaster.

-Carol Fife Burns of Birmingham and Franklin Theodore Burns Jr. of Birmingham.

-David Lee Crim of Wilsonville and Casey Camille Crim of Wilsonville.

-Edith M. Geloneck of Helena and Christopher S. Geloneck of Helena.

-Melanie Durham Snead of Pelham and Frank Hugh Snead Jr. of Tuscaloosa.

-John W. Rice of Calera and Andrea Michelle Goodwin of Shelby.

-Shanyn Wilhite of Montevallo and Justin Wilhite of Columbiana.

-David Earl Vinson Jr. of Calera and Kimberly Jo Vinson of Wilsonville.

-Robin H. Ponder of Calera and Rodney Ponder of Calera.

-Arwen Storey of Maylene and Jason Storey of Maylene.

-Morris N. Bryant Jr. of Clanton and Schnell L. Bryant of Brierfield.

-Nancy Culpepper Brewster of Wilsonville and James William Brewster of Wilsonville.

-Casey Deanne Jackson of Sterrett and Jeffrey Scott Jackson of Sterrett.

-Gina G. Horton of Montevallo and Larry E. Horton of Montevallo.

-Laurie Frances Marcrum of Pelham and Gary Lee Marcrum Jr. of Pelham.

-Jonas Alegria of Calera and Maria Ines Cardenas of unknown residence.

-Jennifer L. Satterfield of Helena and Jabie Daniel Bruce Lucas of Maylene.

-Ruth Ann Speigner of Pelham and Eric Deron Speigner Sr. of Birmingham.

-Adela Yuliana Bautista of Alabaster and Rogelio Prado-Cacho of Anniston.

-Justin Carl Best of Montevallo and Contessa Renae Best of Randolph.

-Hollie W. Acosta of Alabaster and Joel Acosta-Salas of Pelham.

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