Land transactions for the week of Jan. 11, 2012

Published 4:16pm Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Jan. 3-5:

Jan. 3

-Cynthia Brooks to J&L Properties LLC for $69,000 for Lot 8 in Oak Mountain Estates.

-Renasant Bank to Montevallo Building and Supply LLC for $415,000 for Lots 9-14 and 27-28 in Givhans Subdivision.

-Renovation Partners LLC to Derek A. and Amanda B. Pierce for $10,000 for Lot 35 in Port South.

-Fannie Mae to Corrie Kittren Ballard for $105,000 for Lot 60 in Oakwood Village.

-Fannie Mae and McCalla Raymer LLC to Leah Harris for $87,500 for Lot 48 in Shiloh Creek.

-Fannie Mae to Kenneth B. Moore for $126,500 for Lot 160 in Emerald Ridge.

-Aurora Loan Services LLC to Steven and Rebecca Lee for $120,000 for Lot 11 in Ashton Woods.

-Monte J. Stewart and May Ellen Cremer to Joshlyn Bernard and Thomas J. Robinson for $153,750 for Lot 74 in Camden Cove.

-Melanie Leigh Watson Anderson and Reynolds Anderson to Alisa Yvette Packer for $175,000 for Lot 32 in Inverness Cove.

-Jordan C. and Jill G. Baxter to Daniel Paul Hanscome for $212,000 for Lot 16 in Audubon Forest.

-Mary O. Buckner to Nikki J. and Gwen H. King for $109,000 for Lot 19 in Parkview Townhomes.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Gary L. and Sue D. Grogan for $105,470 for Lot 25 in Chase Plantation.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Melissa McEwen for $157,235 for Lot 8 in Tanyard Branch Estates.

-Frontier Bank to Harold and Sandra T. Ridgeway for $171,000 for Lot 1 in Strong Ridge.

-Frontier Bank to Pinehaven Baptist Church Inc. for $60,000 for Lot 119 in Chesapeake.

-James C. McCroskey and Virginia P. Richmond to Yellowhammer Investments LLC for $209,000 for Lot 1212 in Riverchase Country Club.

-Alan Mengel, personal representative, Robbie M. Mengel, estate, and Edmund L. Mengel, estate, and William M. McEachern for $177,000 for Lot 23 in Greystone Ridge Garden Homes.

-Vicky A. Montgomery, trustee, and Vicky A. Montgomery Revocable Trust to Vijakkumar and Zanhkana V. Patel for $130,000 for Lot 240 in Glen at Stonehaven.

-John S. and Polly D. Payne to John S. and Polly D. Payne for $25,000 for property.

-John S. Payne, Polly D. Payne and James Rory Payne to John S. Payne, Polly D. Payne and James Rory Payne for $10,000 for property

-John S. and Polly D. Payne to John S. and Polly D. Payne and Lori Nizam for $10,000 for property.

-Kenneth M. and Wendi L. Peeks to Kevin M. Koziol for $475,000 for Lot 2 in Riverbend Trail Estates.

-Kashif Siddiqui to Tahira Siddiqui for $10,000 for Lot 504 in Horizon a condominium.

-Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association for $167,197 for Lot 63 in Inverness Cove.

-Michael Ledet, personal representative, and Richard H. Collin, estate, to Bennie L. and Christie A. Davis for $92,750 for Lot 165 in Cambrian Wood Condominium.


Jan. 4

-Jacqueline Yvonne Davis to Cecil Larry Horton for $45,000 for property.

-Frontier Bank to Michael R. and Brooklyn S. Barnett for $0 for property.

-General Electric Credit Equities Inc. to Vista Communities Venture LLC for $53,250,000 for Lot 3 in Galleria Woods.

-Oscar Jimez and Olga Martenez to Sadie Chism and George Young for $30,000 for property.

-Eric B. Massey to James L. and Shannon E. Bischoff for $278,500 for Lot 3 in Meadows Cove.

-Edward J. and Patricia Lubking McGurk for Juan and Angela Larota for $300,000 for Lot 3 in Oak Crest.

-Red Mountain Bank to Christopher S. and Victoria S. Beard for $38,000 for Lots 1-4 in Double Oak Parc.

-Ronald E. and Janet R. Shaw to Ronald E. and Janet R. Shaw for $5,000 for property.

-Shelby Resources Inc. to Pamela A. Wise for $116,250 for Lot 153 in High Ridge Village.

-Anthony J. Tanner to Jonathan A. Tanner for $341,000 for Lot 701 in Eagle Point.

-Thornton New Home Sales Inc. to Terri Pody Brown for $280,000 for Lot 47 in Dunnavant Square.

-Sheri Torres to Lesa L. PAddick and Gregory Allen Grindstaff for $250,000 for Lot 33 in Oak Meadows.

-William Britt and Paige Bodman York to Joseph S. and Angela A. Boackle for $325,000 for Lot 2 in Riverchase Country Club.


Jan. 5

-Charles L. and Mary A. Donaghe to L. Ward and Christina Slager for $205,000 for Lot 518 in Forest Parks.

-William Joseph and Sherry Susan Flanagan to William Joseph and Sherry Susan Flanagan and John J. Vidal for $5,000 for property.

-Gwin W. Taylor Living Trust, Steve W. Taylor, trustee, and Gregory G. Taylor, trustee, to Jeremy and Amber Brown for $70,000 for property.

-Larry R. and Cindy House to Falcon Hill Farm LLC for $116,385 for Lots 6-9 in Paradise Cove.

-Brett A. Hubbard and Angela B. Adams to Anwar and Muneerah Punjani for $295,000 for Lot 145 in Arbor Hill.

-Thomas M. and Beverly Y. Humber to Samuel E. Bristow for $70,000 for property.

-Steven Long to John Gary and Jan C. Beane for $40,000 for Lots 7-10 in Saffords Survey of the Town of Shelby.

-Kenneth L. and Diane S. Martin to Kenneth L. Martin for $10,000 for Lot 20 in Indian Forest Estates.

-Phillip Franklin and Deborah Moore to John G. and Sharon S. Pugh for $14,000 for property.

-NSH Corp to Damian T. and Jennifer R. Doggett for $255,800 for Lot 111 in Bent River.

-NSH Corp to Joseph R. Agee for $335,235 for Lot 10 in Southpointe Ridge.

-NSH Corp to Angelia Harris Brown for $148,500 for Lot 106 in Waterstone.

-Oak Island Farm LLC to Falcon Hill Farm LLC for $268,615 for property.

-Tomlyn E. Parrish to Margaret Jeanette and Adrian Garcia for $34,900 for Lot 4 in Thomas Addition to the Town of Aldrich.

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Javier Canales for $75,000 for Lot 28 in Berryhill.

-Southlake Park Partners LLC to Benson Holdings LLC for $1,715,000 for Lots 100, 150, 200 and 250 in Southlake Park a condominium.

-Jaime and Nathan Sweeney to Darin V. Cissell, Melissa J. Cissell and Patricia Sue Cissel for $223,500 for Lot 117 in Beaumont.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jeffery Brannan for $113,000 for Lot 3-58 in Chelsea Park.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Khoa D. Lu and Linh H. Dao for $0 for Lot 1015 in Old Cahaba.

-Richard T. Wark to Karen Wark and Richard T. Wark, life estate, for $25,000 for property.

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