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Acker brother arrested for trespassing

Published 1:20pm Sunday, February 5, 2012

From staff reports

ALABASTER — Harmon D. Acker, 43, of Alabaster, was arrested at about 1 p.m. on Saturday and has been charged with second degree criminal trespassing.

Acker is the brother of Danny Acker, who has been charged with several counts of sexual abuse.

Harmon D. Acker

Alabaster police responded Saturday to a burglary in progress call at Thompson High School. A witness notified police that he had seen a man trying to make entry into the school through a window, Alabaster Police said in a press release.

Acker was taken into custody at the scene without incident. Evidence at the scene did indicate that Acker did make entry into the school.

Officials with the Shelby County Board of Education signed a warrant for his arrest. He was released from the Alabaster Jail after posting a $500 bond.

  • Sloth

    Because he is an “Acker boy” he avoided a burglary charge.

  • Jj248

    Why is he not charged with more serious crime? Here we go again with hiding and cover up. The call was for an attempted burgulary, and evidence wasbthe that he broke into the school, come on guys charge him correctly dosent matter who his father is. No telling what evidence he took and destroyed. Hope nobody believes this is coincedental and that it has nothing to do with brothers case

    • Bda32k5

      I enjoy reading The reporter news usually. I think this is a case of very bad journalism. Obviously this is a Acker boy, anyone who has lived in Alabaster for any amount of time would realize that. My question is why tie him in with his brother, ok he shouldnt have been breaking into the school, but that is a whole different level of crime than what his brother is charged with. Should he pay for the sins/crimes of his brother, Should Dan Sr or his wife? Should Danny Ackers whole family pay? As for the comment below, I would love to know exactly what “evidence” he is messing up at the HIGH SCHOOL when Danny Acker worked at the Intermediate school and drove a bus. I would also enjoy seeing some real “Journalism” on this story by a follow up of what was really happening this day. The Acker family has served our community and churches for years, and every family has a bad seed. Maybe we need to remember pray for the victims and also remember that the Acker family is a victim in a way.

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