Questions about suspended licenses

Published 3:38pm Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am intrigued by Pelham Municipal Court Magistrate Sally McDonald’s statement in the Pelham Reporter on March 17, “Sometimes a person doesn’t realize their license is suspended until they get pulled over.”

I was in an accident that was the fault of the other driver who had no license or insurance. When I tried to renew my driver’s license, I found that it was suspended. I was never notified. I had insurance and sent the required paperwork to the Department of Public Safety.

My insurance agent resolved the problem in 30 minutes. I asked the state, but never received an explanation. I wrote it off as a clerical error. The above statement seems to indicate that suspensions without notification are not all that uncommon. You don’t want to be stopped a thousand miles from home and find out that your license is suspended.

Glenn Griffin


  • CrazyinBama

    I too would like to know how this can be possible. I was recently pulled over in Alabaster and told that my GEORGIA license was suspended. I’ve not received notification and was told by the DMV in my hometown that my license are definitely NOT suspended.
    Another means of revenue for the 20th CENTURY state of Alabama in my opinion.

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