Marriages for the week of May 30, 2012

Published 10:10am Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from May 15-21:

-Gregory Gene Williams, 51, of Birmingham and Angela M. Webb, 41, of Birmingham.

-Michael Edwin Pierce, 28, of Helena and Lenora Bellee Jones, 30, of Helena.

-Chad Allen Ledford, 23, of Shelby and Melinda Elizabeth Henkel, 19, of Shelby.

-Jordan Matthew Baker, 27, of Birmingham and Rachel Lee Hawkins, 25, of Birmingham.

-Christophen Shane Hartley, 33, of Chelsea and Sarah Kristen Collins, 28, of Chelsea.

-Xavier Antoine Lee, 23, of Montevallo and Jamie Nicole Brown, 25, of Montevallo.

-Bobby Lee Christian Jr., 49, of Helena and Eve Denise Edmonson Herring, 50, of Helena.

-Michael Lynn Denard, 50, of Alabaster and Kelli Elizabeth Buchans, 40, of Alabaster.

-David Baxter Golden II, 26, of Ashland and Hannah Jorden Stansell, 25, of Alabaster.

-Charles Edward Tucker, 63, of Alabaster and Marsha W. Johnson-Holmes, 45, of Alabaster.

-Leslie Glenn Hughes III, 26, of Franklin and Lacey Katherine Shannon, 24, of Franklin.

-Ryan Edward Barbe, 36, of Keller and Meryl Fabien Predmore, 29, of Keller.

-Eric Thurman Clements, 32, of Hoover and Katherine Elizabeth Patterson, 32, of Hoover.

-Raymond George Pevy II, 25, of Memphis and Emily Brooke Owen, 25, of Helena.

-Brett Steven Melcher, 25, of Enterprise and Molly Jo Atkinson, 24, of Maylene.

-Brandon Heath Puckett, 39, of Pelham and Stacey Cooper Puckett, 36, of Pelham.

-Benjamin Francis Cherry IV, 28, of Alabaster and Cristy Sue Bell, 32, of Alabaster.

-Charles Michael Kellermann, 42, of Webster and Nancy Leila Cooper, 42, of Birmingham.

-Tommy Hoyt Goodman, 41, of Southside and Emily Sherryl Laird, 47, of Birmingham.

-Allen Ross Stevens, 21, of Alabaster and Jessica Olivia Hodge, 29, of Alabaster.

-Randall Ian Hillman, 47, of Alabaster and Cheryl M. Robinson, 47, of Calera.

-Bartolo Aguilar-Milan, 45, of Pelham and Abigail Alcantara Castro, 32, of Pelham.

-Morgan Taylor Smith Sawyer, 24, of Birmingham and Sara Elizabeth Helms, 22, of Birmingham.

-Christopher Michael McEuen, 31, of Westover and Tiffany Marie Smith, 22, of Wilsonville.

-Larry Wheat Tew, 52, of Calera and Cynthia Clarke McNamee, 42, of Calera.

-Jeffrey Alan Hogue Jr., 22, of Shelby and Brittany Lane Light, 21, of Shelby.

-Taran Addarrlly Pearson, 37, of Calera and Angela Marie Callendar Grayson, 27, of Calera.

-David Brian Smith, 30, of Shelby and Shannon Elizabeth Smith, 24, of Shelby.

-Jarett Evan James, 24, of Helena and Kathlyn Jean Sandoval, 23, of Helena.

-Michael Francis Cason, 28, of Pelham and Margaret Jordan Keeton Cherry, 26, of Pelham.

-Andrew Rex Ubben, 33, of Birmingham and Caroline Clark Ledbetter, 28, of Birmingham.

-Stephen Wanyeki Chege, 38, of Birmingham and Edith Wanjiku Ndei, 29, of Birmingham.

-Robert James Boothe, 27, of Maylene and Rebecca Anne Boothe, 26, of Maylene.

-William Drennen Turpin, 29, of Chelsea and Toni Rae Ortega, 28, of Chelsea.

-John Vincent Smith, 50, of Arab and Andrea F. Lovelady, 49, of Calera.

-Alexander Nicholas Johns, 27, of Fleetwood and Katherine Anne Finn, 24, of Fleetwood.

-Ryne Scott McClendon, 23, of Calera and Aubrianna Nicole Smith, 22, of Calera.

-Benjamin Patterson Vines, 23, of Helena and Mary Elizabeth Harrison, 22, of Helena.

-Wolfgang Scherzer, 53, of Birmingham and Leigh Whitfield Kent, 45, of Birmingham.

-James Franklin Davis, 43, of Montevallo and Wendy Sue Gleason, 43, of Montevallo.

-William Victor Parker, 23, of Wilsonville and Kerrie Elizabeth Gaut, 24, of Wilsonville.

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