Marriages for the week of June 6, 2012

Published 11:13am Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from May 22-28:


-Zachary L. Williams, 27, of Maylene and Lindsey Jane Deivert, 23, of Maylene.

-Donald Wayne Dill, 39, of Alabaster and Robin Marsh Jenkins, 38, of Alabaster.

-Terrance Lanard Merritt, 33, of Maylene and British Valentino Brown, 27, of Maylene.

-John Yongsok Kim, 42, of Sterrett and Amber Leigh McCormick, 31, of Sterrett.

-Jeremy Michael Wood, 35, of Alabaster and Beverly Dawn Butler, 46, of Alabaster.

-Danny Cecil Hall, 27, of Calera and Abigail Sarah Aycock, 27, of Calera.

-Randal G. Evans, 51, of Helena and Lori Lynn Debandi, 50, of Helena.

-Michael Scott Gordon, 49, of Maylene and Patricia Lindsay Tatum, 48, of Maylene.

-Ikenna Oladipupo Keazor, 32, of Birmingham and Sharonda Lachel Ridgeway, 37, of Calera.

-Joel Griggs Hunter III, 30, of Montevallo and Petra Rose Strohmeyer, 23, of Montevallo.

-Russell Nicholas Autry, 34, of Chelsea and Janeen Noelle Jones, 30, of Chelsea.

-Scott Daniel Eckhart, 27, of Dallas and Katherine Paige Benton, 24, of Dallas.

-Justin Jerome Pickett, 23, of Columbiana and Octavia Shanell Ledlow, 24 of Brierfield.

-Nathan Kyle McCaleb, 28, of Helena and Stephanie Alexandra Matos, 22, of Barrie.

-Benjamin L. Branham, 31, of Indianapolis and Katherine Alice Landry, 26, of Indianapolis.

-Matthew Nathan Graham, 34, of Montevallo and Michelle Lea Cost, 25, of Montevallo.

-John David Williams, 23, of Olive and Mary Margaret Johnson, 23, of Oxford.

-James Edward Berry II, 22, of Calera and Michelle Elizabeth Nash, 22, of Bessemer.

-Darrell Glen Morris Jr, 26, of Montevallo and Elizabeth Megan Killingsworth, 21, of Calera.

-Jeffery Wayne Smith Jr, 28, of Pelham and Lindsay Brooke Blanchard, 29, of Pelham.

-Benjamin Lyon Walker, 30, of Helena and Jessica Dayle Huffstutler, 27, of Helena.

-Charles Edward Walker, 54, of Sterrett of Pamela Ann Higgins, 50, of Sterrett.

-Tyler Jeffrey Anderson, 26, of Warner and Mallory C Pledger, 25, of Chelsea.

-Larry A. Carney Jr, 33, of Calera and Latoya Denise Henry, 34, of Calera.

-Adam K. Frew, 24, of Wilsonville and Katherine Mechelle Horton, 20, of Columbiana.

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