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Judge recommends rehab hospital in Pelham

Published 11:57am Wednesday, June 6, 2012

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

HealthSouth on June 4 moved one step closer to possibly constructing a 34-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital off Interstate 65 in Pelham after an administrative law judge issued an opinion supporting the project.

In his opinion issued to the Alabama Health Planning and Development Agency’s Certificate of Need board, administrative law judge James Ward supported the HealthSouth rehab hospital plan over a 17-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital plan submitted by Alabaster’s Shelby Ridge and Rehab Select.

In his opinion order, Ward wrote “HealthSouth’s proposed project is superior to the proposed Shelby Ridge project in all respects,” and wrote “the population of the proposed service area has a need for the services to be provided, and the HealthSouth project will help to meet that need.”

The CON board will now review Ward’s order over the next few weeks before likely deciding during its June 20 meeting if it will approve the HealthSouth plan or the Shelby Ridge plan.

If the HealthSouth plan is approved, the company likely will construct the 34-bed rehab hospital in a vacant field across Interstate 65 from the Colonial Pipeline tank farm in Pelham.

Shelby Ridge is looking to build a 17-bed inpatient rehab hospital next to its current building behind Shelby Baptist Medical Center in Alabaster. Shelby Ridge owner Chris Schmidt previously said his project would provide the same services as the HealthSouth project at “one-third of the cost.”

HealthSouth spokesperson Casey Lassiter said the company’s proposed project has received “overwhelming support from the public, community and leadership in Shelby County.”

“We look forward to presenting our case to the Certificate of Need board,” Lassiter said.

Pelham Mayor Don Murphy said he plans to attend the June 20 CON board meeting, and said he was encouraged by Ward’s opinion.

“We are still very hopeful. It’s not final yet, because the CON board still has to approve it,” Murphy said. “But I’m excited about the judge’s opinion. I know it’s going to be good for the city of Pelham and for Shelby County.”

As of June 6, messages left with Schmidt had not been returned.

  • elmoore21

    Ladies and Gents, let’s stick to the issue here. This facility is NOT about politics. This facility is about what is good for not just our city, but every resident in Shelby County. The facility is overwhelmingly needed for every resident of Shelby County. Currently our only option for inpatient rehab if HealthSouth at Lakeshore is at full capacity is an Extended Care Facility, aka; Nursing Home. A Nursing Home cannot and does not (I speak from personal experience) provide anywhere near the equal care or treatment HealthSouth can and DOES provide. So let’s stop the bickering about real estate and focus on supporting this facility for our city and county.

  • pantherlover

    Once again, I’m not associated with Waters. Lets stick with the issue at hand. Also, Hayes isn’t the Mayor and so far as I know he has no plans on running this time. If you want to argue a point, that’s fine, but please stop with the lame accusations that are simply not true. I choose not to give my name because there are a lot of people out in the internet world who aren’t all there. Same reason most everyone else doesn’t post their names. If you choose to, that’s fine and dandy.

    Using a public position for private gain is a serious concern. It should be a concern to conservatives and socialists although I’m not sure what that has to do with any of it. It’s pretty evident that this doesn’t bother you. I’m quite sure though if we replaced “Murphy’s land” with “Hayes’ land” or someone else you don’t like, that this would be a huge problem for you.

    • David Ladewig

      I don’t care who you are or with whom you are “associated” with. Pelham is a two exit town and there is only ONE corner available for development. It matters not one wit who owns it. Let’s repeat so all you 2 watt light bulbs can get this. There is only ONE interstate corner available for development in Pelham. ONLY ONE CORNER. ONLY ONE. ONE. UNO for our hispanic friends. NOT TWO…ONE.

      • pantherlover

        and if the Mayor owns that “one corner” that’s a problem since he’s the MAYOR and he’s recruiting the business to town to buy the “one corner” from his personal self. I know you understand this, you are just blind in your allegiance.

  • David Ladewig

    Socialists tend to worry a lot about what someone else has instead of how they could do better by working harder, getting a new job, or investing more wisely. It matters not one wit who owns the land or how much they sell if for, except to jealous, little socialists who think they should have a say in everything that goes on. This is the biggest development in eight years in this town but several here continue to trash real opportunity with minor negativity. If you are so concerned about the land, go ask. While you are asking, please question the other two minor candidates for mayor about what companies they have invited to Pelham over the last 3.5 years to see about locating here. When you find the answer to be Zero…that’s Z….E….R…..O, you might grasp the concept that these two did nothing when the opportunity was there. Congrats to Mayor Murphy for doing some good work on this.

    • kittycreek

      Hard to figure why that warrants people being called socialists or jealous or how this has anything to do with people working. You’re a angry little person, aren’t you?

      • David Ladewig

        No, I am rarely angry about anything. Labels are usually tacked on because they are true as in this case.


    Pantherlover can Don Murphy do any thing that make you happy and the land your talking about is own by three gentleman not just Don murphy and oyes tell Gary i said hello and you need to check and see if Don lives in Pelham he might live in Alabaster

    • pantherlover

      Doesn’t matter how many people own the land with Murphy, he still owns part of the land.

  • pantherlover

    I did some checking on some probate records, and there is a large tract of land behind the gas station that is owned by Susan Schein. Behind that, where the strip mall is, is owned by Mayor Murphy’s company. There also appears to be a decent sized tract owned by Murphy’s company that is behind the strip mall and faces I65. Both of these tracts could be considered “a vacant field across i65 from colonial pipe”

    I’m all for the hospital, but anyone could see (or should be able to see) where this is a concern. What will clear this up is to find out which tract of land the hospital wants to build on.


    Here we go beat up on Murphy first off i think the land in question belong to Susan Schein ???

  • David Ladewig

    Construction of a 34 bed hospital in Pelham will be the largest project since 2004. Medical jobs will be created, construction jobs will be created, and real progress will be made in our town of Pelham. It is exciting to see companies like this consider Pelham as their destination location. The location, right off the interstate, will make it easy for everyone to visit Pelham when they see patients. Great progress only comes when the chains of stale or socialist thinking are broken for good.

  • tractortime

    I’m sure Murphy is encouraged. He owns the land.

    • pantherlover

      Well, that’s an interesting bit of information there.

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