Marriages for the week of June 20, 2012

Published 2:37pm Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licences in Shelby County from June 5-11, 2012:


-Joshua Lawrence Phillips, 30, of Calera and Jasmine Shae Box, 28, of Calera.

-Loren Michael Hacker, 26, of Chelsea and Mary Elizabeth Clinkscales, 23, of Chelsea.

-Shawn Dewayne Arnold, 27, of Pelham and Jessica Diane Jones, 28, of Pelham.

-Banyon Elisha Smith, 35, of Chiefland and Jessica Lynn Parker, 22, of Shelby.

-Derrick Carl Armstrong, 25, of Leeds and Amanda Leigh Roberson, 24, of Columbiana.

-Jason Glenn Colvin, 28, of Sterrett and Krystle Leigh McCombs, 27, of Sterrett.

-Avis Braxton Greenhill, 26, of Florence and Erika Leigh Parrish, 22, of Calera.

-Melvin Moore James, 46, of Centreville and Reneatha Brazzell Bray, 44, of Calera.

-Jeffery Daniel Watson, 28, of Vincent and Jessica Andrea Kimmel-Freeman, 27, of Vincent.

-Matthew Wayne Bishop, 36, of Pelham and Laura Rachel Jones, 28, of Smyrna.

-John Hanson Post, 27, of Birmingham and Jacqueline Luxinger Kuster De Almeida, 29, of Birmingham.

-Thomas Eugene Orms, 55, of Anniston and Lynn Olive Mayes, 56, of Calera.

-Richard Patrick Rotch, 32, of Pelham and Jeanna Suzanne Parker, 31, of Pelham.

-Joe Andrew Hannon, 22, of Harpersville and Maranda Victoria Baham, 24, of Harpersville.

-Neal Edward Wagner, 27, of Alabaster and Christie Nicole Baker, 25, of Pelham.

-Ryan Christopher Vincent, 31, of Columbiana and Robin H. Gurganus, 35, of Shelby.

-Juan Ulban Lopez De La Cruz, 28, of Birmingham and Maria De Lourdes Albarran Espinoza, 30, of Birmingham.

-Joseph William Collins III, 21, of Jackson and Morgan Danielle Arnold, 21, of Jackson.

-Clay Marquis Thornton, 29, of Pelham and Jennifer Rea Sheffield, 29, of Pelham.

-Leo D. Sternfels, 52, of Gonzales and Jennifer Green, 48, of Gonzales.

-William Bradley King, 31, of Pelham and Margaret Anne Harmon, 34, of Pelham.

-Franklin Hunter Hammonds, 26, of Alabaster and Marta Elaine Price, 25, of Birmingham.

-Jeremiah Owen Davis, 23, of Alabaster and Lindsey Marie Coyle, 23 of Alabaster.

-George Wesley Sanders, 39, of Calera and Theresa Averett, 36, of Calera.

-John Ross Clay Jr, 27, of Morris and Brittney Lauren Hicks, 26, of Alabaster.

-Jake Edward Kelly, 21, of Alabaster and Kayla Renee Smith, 18, of Alabaster.

-Sungsoo Kim, 30, of Birmingham and Hyun Ju Jang, 30, of Birmingham.

-Gavin Alexander McCandless, 23, of Chelsea and Bethany Hope Cochran, 19, of Chelsea.

-Mark Brandon Gill, 26, of Brandon and Linda Mirel Brackin, 24, of Brandon.

-Timothy Edward Shoemaker, 50, of Wilsonville and Alicia Renee Russell, 27, of Wilsonville.

-Nicholas Charles Bussey, 30, of Alabaster and Loni Maria Alonso, 31, of Alabaster.

-Jason Dewayne Deramus, 28, of Calera and Monique Renee Jones, 30, of Calera.


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