Land transactions for the week of June 27, 2012

Published 11:22am Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from June 15-21:


June 15

-Chelsea Sonic Real Estate LLC to Malatesta Group LLC for $625,000 for Lot 2 in Chelsea Pointe.

-Chesser Plantation LLC to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $29,000 for Lot 61 in Chesser Plantation.

-William Y. Pate, junior estate, and Seabie P. Hanson, personal representative to Dina Walker for $220,000 for Lot 11 in Country Club Estates.

-Camden Cove West LLC to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $19,000 for Lot 147 in Camden Cove West.

-Logan Real Estate Holdings LLC to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $19,000 for Lot 6-15 in Chelsea Park.

-TL Development LLC to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $40,000 for Lots 170 and 176 in Reserve at Timberline.

-Tyrol Inc. to DR Horton Inc. Birmingham for $25,000 for Lot 4-33 in Chelsea Park.

-NSH Corp to Joshua F. Copeland for $159,300 for Lot 87 in Waterstone.

-Big Sky Holdings LLC to Thomas Owen Jr. and Janice H. Parker for $575,000 for property.

-Big Sky Holdings LLC to Mark A. Reynolds Sr. and Kim W. Reynolds for $5,000 for property.

-Fannie Mae to Charlie Prince for $132,000 for Lot 20 in Wooddale.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Michael K. and Cynthia P. Ross for $280,000 for Lot 12 in Skyline Estates.

-Rebecca Guthrie to Franklin A. Shaw for $87,000 for Lot 44 in Fairview.

-Jodi Jordan Henry, Janet Jordan Davidson, James T. Hamn III, Paula Hamn Roberts and Virginia Leigh Jolas to Hambones Paradise LLC for $544,110 for Lot 19 in Holly Brook Lake.

-Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 802 in Lofts at Edenton Condominium.


June 18

-Franklin A. Boyles Jr. and Cynthia McLain Boyles to Susanna M. Lenderman and Carter G. Maftel for $174,500 for Lot 58 in Bridlewood Parc.

-Dorothy L. and Clinton J. Carlisle to Christina L. and Christopher M. Register for $10,000 for property.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Scott R. and Ann C. Murphy for $167,000 for property.

-Jack R. Finchum to Jack R. Finchum and Rita A. Cooper for $119,000 for Lot 87 in North Lake at Greystone.

-Jeffrey Van Holden Jr. and Lindsay Lynn Holden to Ron Farris for $35,000 for Lot 204 in Holland Lakes.

-Janice Helen Macduffie, personal representative, and Barbara Jean Underwood, estate, to Barbara Jean Underwood, estate, for $0 for Lot 137 in Cedar Grove and Sterling Gate.

-Elisabeth C. Norman to Randy R. and Tina Roberson for $22,350 for Lot 1 in Achor Valley.

-Jarrod K. and Stacey R. Robinson to Edwin R. and Terre A. Robinson for $200,000 for Lot 349 in Haddington Parc at Ballantrae.

-SG Properties LLC to Frances and David Phelps for $16,000 for Lot 135 and 136 in Old Ivy.

-Wendell Franklin and Carol Lee Smith to Ruth A. Burns for $148,300 for Lot 110 in Indian Highlands.

-Hendrick Viskil to Randy R. and Tina Roberson for $22,350 for Lot 2 in Achor Valley.

-Paul R. and Mary K. Abercrombie to Adam West for $181,000 for Lot 1001 in Lofts at Edenton a condominium.

-Bank of New York, trustee, and CWMBS Inc. to Dung, Thao, Hung V. and Anh T. Huynh for $730,000 for Lot 8 in Greystone.

-John Hoyt Blalock to Heath M. and Larissa G. Hughes for $120,000 for property.

-James Monroe and Beverly Jean Gardner to Terrell Monroe Gardner, Tracy Jean Pardue, James Monroe Gardner, life estate, and Beverly Jean Gardner, life estate, for $5,000 for property.

-Steven R. and Kristi T. Harrell to Lisa M. and Michael D. Frakes for $192,500 for Lot 96 in Wynlake.

-Katheryne M. and Thomas R. Jones to Chase M. and Dilma B. Carter for $205,000 for Lot 16 in Chesser Plantation.

-Helen B. Kieran to Jennifer Carden for $139,000 for Lot 9 in Waxa Subdivision.

-Wiley M. and Laura M. McKeller to Jeffrey A. and Brandy Roper for $214,500 for Lot 14 in Stillwood Estates.

-Roger A. and Phyllis Porter to Carolyn V. Greenhill for $160,000 for property.

-Earnest T. Regan Jr. to Syble B. and Ronald Brock Warren for $305,000 for Lot 95 in Cameron Woods.

-Vickie Michelle Sain Shinick to Amanda Leigh Godwin for $117,250 for Lot H in Riverwood.

-Harel W. Tucker Jr. and Nancy Sealy Tucker to James O. and Shari M. Ackerman for $265,000 for Lot 1023 in Glengerry at Ballantrae.

-Hugh J. and Lynn C. Williams to Tamera D. and Christopher R. Giles for $150,000 for Lot 4 in Homestead.

-Wisteria Holding LLC to Haris and Doyle Homes Inc. for $229,500 for Lots 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 in Wisteria.


June 19

-Shirley L. Moe to Shirley L. Moe and Michelle Moe Lieb for $45,000 for Lot 7 in Eagle Wood Estates.

-Clay Montgomery Holland, trustee, and H. Sherman Holland Jr. Education Trust to Holland Real Estate LLC for $3,000 for property.

-Kathy Elaine Johnson to Ambre Morrison for $5,000 for property.

-Adek Homes Inc. to Gibson and Anderson Construction Co. for $90,000 for Lot 2 in Lake Wellington Estates.

-Bank of New York, trustee, and CWALT 2004 24CB to Kenneth and Erica Simpson for $199,900 for Lot 52 in Lime Creek at Chelsea Preserve Subdivision.

-Blair Homes Inc. to Donovan Builders LLC for $48,000 for Lot 1127 in Lauchlin at Ballantrae.

-Blair Homes Inc. to Donovan Builders LLC for $48,000 for Lot 1141 in Lauchlin at Ballantrae.

-Edward C. and Mary L. Cargle to Edward C., Mary L., Barbara J. and Jacqueline D. Cargle for $10,000 for Lot 35 in Hidden Forest.

-Kay Cessna, personal representative, and Leonard S. Kendrick, estate, to Roderick D. and Sharon D. Hobson for $135,500 for Lot 11 in Walinton Developers Inc. addition to Southwind.

-Walter L. and Pam V. D’Armond to Elizabeth L. Glass for $150,000 for Lot 30 in Perkins Landing.

-DR Horton Inc. Birmingham to Allyson Mercedes Jones for $150,949 for Lot 90 in Laceys Grove.

-DR Horton Inc. Birmingham to Lenora K. Luther for $166,237 for Lot 140 in Cottages at Chesser.

-DR Horton Inc. Birmingham to Annie King for $155,810 for Lot 103 in Union Station.

-Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, trustee, and Rali 2006QA1 to Josh and Jill Schlup for $227,500 for Lot 560 in Lake Forest.

-Donovan Builders LLC to Carol A. McGuire for $279,900 for Lot 1357 in Macallan at Ballantrae.

-Fannie Mae to John Parker White for $132,000 for Lot 6 in Broken Bow.

-Frontier Bank to Jeremy D. Hamer for $177,000 for Lot 26 in Brookchase Estates.

-Stephen Wayne Mason Sr. to Stephen Wayne Mason Sr. and Gwendolynn Lavonne Mason for $220,000 for Lot 1506 in Grande View givianpour addition to Alabaster.

-Bradley Alan and Mary Michelle Estep Ripperdan to David C. and Jessica Lynn Stockman for $117,000 for Lot 12 in Park Place.

-Scottsgrove Baptist Church to Alabama Department of Transportation for $42,650 for property.

-Britten and Brook Taylor to Rachel D. and Kristijan Mitrovski for $262,000 for Lot 60 in Belvedere Cove.

-U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, and American General Mortgage Loan Trust 2009 1 to Stephen Wayne Mason Sr. for $220,000 for Lot 1506 in Grande View Estates givianpour addition to Alabaster.

-U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, Bank of America, Lasalle Bank, trustee, and MLMI Trust to Maximino Garcia for $19,000 for Lot 1 in Mizells Subdivision.

-Paula and Cornelis Van Kralingen to Melissa Verdin for $147,000 for Lot 315 in Savannah Pointe.

-Peggy S. Woodling and Glenn C. Sisk to Jennifer M. Farley for $193,000 for Lot 90 in Chesser Plantation.


June 20

-Scott H. and Susan Richards to Travis and Sarah A. Grappo for $498,000 for Lot 6-10 in Mt Laurel.

-Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae for $0 for property.

-Whitney Skipper and Charles Judson Davis to Andrea F. Owensby for $166,000 for Lot 43 in Greystone Highlands.

-Fannie Mae to Jaime and Lydia Carbuccia for $80,180 for Lot 520 in Weatherly Aberdeen.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Pankaj and Garmina Arora for $214,000 for Lot 1 in Caldwell Crossings.

-M. Smith Re LLC to Megan N. Bryant for $115,900 for Lot 32 in Hampton Square.

-Saxon Mortgage Services Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae for $0 for Lot 21 in Port South.

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Tommy J. Wright for $193,000 for Lot 428 in Lake Forest.

-Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington DC for $0 for Lot 14 in Somerset Townhomes.

-Ricky M. Turner Jr. and Randi L. Rankin to Jervis D. Payne and Sarah Lynn Scheurich Payne for $231,500 for Lot 114 in Southern Pines.


June 21

-David L. Seales to David L. Seales and Cynthia Brothers for $100,000 for Lot 37 in Sterling Gate.

-Samuel Thomas and Edna Walton to Thomas L. and David Lee Walton for $5,000 for property.

-Lamar Cagle and Denise Cagle Owens to Christian Scot and Robyn D. Armstrong for $145,000 for property.

-James F. and Tonya T. Cannon to Durwood B. Greene II and Melody Greene for $262,500 for Lot 823 in Forest Parks.

-Paul B. Coman Jr. and Marilyn M. Coman to Paul B. Coman Jr. and Marilyn M. Coman for $25,000 for Lot 23 in Laceys Grove.

-David Donahoo to Pro Construction LLC for $5,000 for property.

-Dana T. and Robert N. Halbrooks to Christopher Todd Holder for $359,000 for Lot 82 in Greystone Farms.

-JPMorgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 66 in Rocky Ridge Townhomes.

-NSH Corp to Jennifer Nicole Stringfield and Andrew Jacob Persich for $136,211 for Lot 46 in Enclave.

-NSH Corp to Latoya Homes for $241,205 for property.

-NSH Corp to Andrew and Donna Waldrop for $384,823 for Lot 34 in Southpointe Ridge.

-NSH Corp to Mary A. Mast for $262,525 for Lot 116 in Village at Highland Lakes Regent Park Neighborhood.

-Gail Joseph Owen and J. Anthony Joseph to Edwin B. Lumpkin for $75,000 for property.

-Craig and Debi Randolph to Calvert P. and Kathryn A. Hose for $325,000 for Lot 222 in Woodlands.

-Redus Lee Branch LLC to AFK Lands LLC for $200,000 for Lot 3 in Village at Lee Branch.

-Sawabe Properties LLC to Robert S. Whitcomb, Shirlene M. and Robert A. Bruce for $170,000 for Lot 116 in Inverness Cove.

-Wayne H. and Jennifer Wallace to Cleaster Ewing for $337,500 for Lot 2009 in Highland Lakes.

-Wilsonville Masonic Lodge No. 510, W. Gordon Fluker, trustee, and Gene Duffey, trustee, to South Shelby Lodge No. 140 F&AM for $5,000 for property.

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