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Tillman murdered wife for mistress, lived double life

Published 2:25pm Monday, July 2, 2012


COLUMBIANA – During a June 22 trial, evidence led a jury to conclude Timothy Dane Tillman was living a “double life” in which he murdered his wife to be with his mistress.

According to a release from Shelby County Chief Assistant District Attorney Jill Lee and Assistant District Attorneys Roger Hepburn and Alan Miller, evidence during the trial showed that Tillman was holding a loaded shotgun “which discharged, hitting his wife in the back and killing her almost instantaneously.”

Timothy Tillman

While defense attorneys said the shooting was an accident, prosecutors proved that Tillman was living a “double life at the time of the shooting and had proposed to his mistress just two months earlier while he was still married to Mrs. (Janet) Tillman,” the release stated.

“Evidence also showed that in his relationship with his mistress, Mr. Tillman pretended to be a highly decorated naval officer,” the release stated.

Tillman will be held in custody until his sentencing, scheduled for Aug. 28.

“We are certainly pleased with the verdict and hope Janet Tillman’s family can finally get some closure after this horrible event in their lives,” Hepburn said.

According to a phone interview with Lee on July 2, the Alabama Bureau of Investigation worked with local law enforcement agencies to review a “massive” amount of evidence.

“The evidence clearly showed that Mr. Tillman’s actions were no accident,” Miller said in the release. “He murdered his wife so he could be with his mistress.”

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