Marriages for the week of July 11, 2012

Published 1:40pm Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licences in Shelby County from June 26 – July 2, 2012:

-Jason Keith Quick, 36, of Alabaster and Caroline Tinsley Boehme, 38, of Birmingham.

-Edward Wayne Price, 54, of Helena and Rhonda Paige Rayburn, 50, of Birmingham.

-Christopher Troy Jones, 37, of Chelsea and Heather Diane Edmonds, 36, of Chelsea.

-George Joseph Anselmo Jr., 44, of Hoover and Raine Roy Greene, 42, of Hoover.

-Abdelrahman Awadallah, 38, of Pinson and Tammy Lorene Khan, 44, of Pinson.

-William Denson Roy, 61, of Alabaster and Cathy Phillips Roy, 56, of Alabaster.

-Henry Tolliver Jr., 48, of Birmingham and Miranda Meeks Williams, 37, of Maylene.

-Larry Dale Ingram, 36, of Columbiana and Christa Eubanks Williams, 37, of -Columbiana.

-Franklin Maurice Penn, 24, of Montevallo and Kinyatta Monique Hayes, 26, of Montevallo.

-Corey Austin Beane, 19, of Columbiana and Brittnie Deanna Lucas, 21, of Columbiana.

-John Rushing Jackson III, 45, of Birmingham and Emily Sarah McConnell, 35, of Birmingham.

-Vladimir Ruimin, 41, of Pelham and Antonia Kari, 33, of Pelham.

-Andrew Justin McNutt, 21, of Calera and Brooke Victoria Baker, 20, of Calera.

-Paul Blaine Parks, 38, of Pelham and Donna Mandan Loving, 33, of Pelham.

-James Askew Cooke, 24, of Birmingham and Dee Elizabeth Globetti, 23, of Birmingham.

-Nicholos Lamar Meeks, 20, of Alabaster and Cozie Monique Russell, 22, of Alabaster.

-Klud Balit, 42, of Birmingham and Yelena Viktorovna Sox, 42, of Birmingham.

-Nathan Blaine Bishop, 23, of Birmingham and Alessandra Terin Novick, 22, of Pelham.

-Chadwick Dwyane Brand, 38, of Birmingham and Carla Lavaughn Rhodes, 37, of Birmingham.

-Rex Allen Shepherd, 48, of Pelham and Lisa Jean Lark-Rustick, 43, of Pelham.

-Arthur Watts Jr., 49, of Birmingham and Jeryl Lynn Edwards, 46, of Birmingham.

-Kevin Scott Killings, 24, of Alabaster and Diana Riggins, 24, of Alabaster.

-William Howard Nettles, 46, of Pinson and Ellen L. Holmes, 45, of Birmingham.

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