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Chelsea leadership discusses potential athletic upgrades

Published 11:48am Friday, July 13, 2012


A possible 30,000-square-foot community center was proposed for the city. Niven said the center could include a computer lab, kitchen and dining area, locker rooms and showers, stage in a gymnasium, workout facility, nursery area and meeting rooms, as well as a walking track above the gymnasium.

Niven estimated the community center and an additional athletic field would cost about $5 million.


At Picklesimer’s suggestion, Niven explained three means of funding major projects for the city. Niven said the city could implement an ad valorem tax, which he is “totally against,” or increase sales tax by 1 cent, which is the “most beneficial tax for major projects.” The sales tax increase would support bonds issued for the projects.

Niven said the city currently is paying on three bonds – a waterline running from U.S. 280 to Chelsea Park and paying off Chelsea City Hall and the Chelsea Fire Station.

Niven said the city has no current revenue above the current debt to fund a future major project.

“To do that, we’d have to come up with a way to fund it,” Niven said.

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