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‘The Schoolhouse’ shares family’s faith

Published 11:12am Friday, July 27, 2012

In July 2012, “The Schoolhouse” was published, a 46-page book filled with original illustrations from an up-and-coming painter, Gatlinburg, Tenn.-based Cami Monet Webb.

The story follows Glassco’s grandmother, Elsie Thomas, as she became a schoolteacher at 20 for a five-month school term in Marion County, Tenn.

“She was warned before starting that no teacher had finished a term in four years,” Glassco said. “She was determined she would finish.”

The story details a community “witch” who would wear sticks in her ears and wield a butcher knife and club, as well as a special needs boy who would come and play with the school children.

Each chapter teaches a biblical principle, and chapters conclude with reflection pages to encourage readers to discuss the principles.

“I had intended it as a family book, for parents to read with their children,” Glassco said.

She said the older generation also connects with the story, as many of them attended similar schoolhouses in the South.

“It’s listed as a children’s book, but I feel like it’s more than a children’s book,” she said.

“The Schoolhouse” is available in three locations around the county, including Cowboys Gas Station on U.S. 280, Family Christian Store on U.S. 280 and Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts in the Alabaster Promenade. The book is also available in the Briarwood Presbyterian bookstore, Church of the Highlands’ Grants Mill location and

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