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Thirteen qualify for Chelsea City Council race

Published 3:00pm Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Incumbent Juanita Champion, a retired high school teacher, said she now has experience running the city. She received the Certified Municipal Official advanced level certificate.

“My hopes are to continue the progress we are making while being fiscally responsible, to continue to serve all ages in Chelsea and to find ways to involve more citizens in our government,” Champion said.

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Kurt Long, a sales associate for a local Birmingham distributor, is running for City Council because he said it’s “time for the leaders of Chelsea to start being more aggressive in getting things done for the city.”

“I believe for the continued growth of Chelsea, these are some of the things that need to become reality instead of just a discussion,” Long said.

Scott Weldon said he hopes to improve communication between the city government and citizens, as well as work with the Shelby County Board of Education to create a plan for the future of Chelsea schools.

“I want to help move our city forward without ever forgetting the accomplishments of our past,” Weldon said. “It is time we bridged the gap between our senior citizens and our youth.”

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