Marriages for the week of August 22, 2012

Published 8:01am Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from Aug. 7-13:


-James Harrison Moore II, 47, of Alabaster and Jackie Ashley Bevan, 45, of Alabaster.

-James Warren Fuhrmeister, 62, of Columbiana and Sharon D. Kelly, 60, of Columbiana.

-Exequiel Del Carmen Perez Rodriguez, 34, of Montevallo and Mary Frances Carroll, 33, of Montevallo.

-Steven Paul Rockco, 52, of Montevallo and Tracy Hodges Payne, 42, of Maplesville.

-Stephen Joseph Wood, 23, of Provo and Alexandra Marie Fredrick, 21, of Provo.

-Anthony Scott Culberson, 27, of Sterrett and Jennifer Paige Graham, 25, of Sterrett.

-Joshua Frederic Copeland, 35, of Montevallo and Kristen Dawn Snyder, 36, of Montevallo.

-Adam Grant Cowan, 24, of Helena and Kristy Michelle Webster, 30, of Helena.

-Curtis Cummings Ohrn, 32, of Chelsea and Tiffany Danyell Jackson, 33, of Pelham.

-Jeremy William Hollingsworth, 36, of Birmingham and Kristina Lyn Gregory, 28, of Birmingham.

-Carl Lorenzo Thomas, 49, of Alabaster and Wanda Joyce Bivens, 49, of Alabaster.

-William Kyle Colvard, 26, of Charleston and Michelle Deanne Jackson, 25, of Charleston.

-Seth Andrew Turner, 35, of Pelham and Mildred Catherine O’Quinn, 30, of Pelham.

-Leander Alfice Metcalf II, 28, of Hinesville and Rachel Anastasia Haney, 24, of Pinson.

-Michael Christopher Guarino, 26, of Birmingham and Karen Ann Stinson, 25, of Wilsonville.

-David M. Chamblee, 56, of Calera and Sherry Sue Bean, 54, of Calera.

-Charles Hillard Fuller, 41, of Birmingham and Jean Marie Williams, 35, of Birmingham.

-Jeremy C. Sanders, 41, of Sylacauga and Wanda Key Leonard, 46, of Jackson.

-Brett Aaron Martin, 25, of Birmingham and Maria Teresa Houson, 25, of Alabaster.

-Bennett Alexander Rambo, 29, of Birmingham and Natalie Gayle Gibson, 28, of Birmingham.

-Robert Ethan Boyles, 21, of Shelby and Torie Brook Rinehart, 18, of Shelby.

-James Larry Patterson, 66, of Shelby and Nan Adkins Ryan, 63, of Calera.

-Thomas Howard Craig McCrindle, 62, of Wilsonville and Donna Hollenbeck, 47, of Wilsonville.

-Jason Edward McAnnally, 33, of Pelham and Jennifer Kristen Mackey, 27, of Pelham.

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