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In tight election, Vincent’s McAllister keeps mayoral seat

Published 8:36pm Tuesday, August 28, 2012

By AMY JONES / Associate Editor

VINCENT — Ray McAllister will get four more years as Vincent mayor, defeating challenger Joey Cobb in a tightly contested race.

McAllister defeated Cobb by a margin of only 24 votes, with 366 votes to Cobb’s 342.

As McAllister scanned the results, posted on the window of the Vincent Town Hall, he double-checked his results and then let out a resounding “All right!”

Soon after, he said he feels like he’s worked hard for Vincent, but the job is not yet done.

“We’re going to continue to work on our fire department to get the ratings where we want them. We’re going to continue to work on our master plan for the park. We’re going to work on our infrastructure, and we’re going to apply for some grants to do some projects we want to do,” he said. “I would like to thank the people of Vincent for their confidence in us.”

Cobb said he was proud of his showing in the race and congratulated McAllister on his win.

“It was a good race. I did have a lot of support and I appreciate it,” Cobb said.

Incumbent Larry King held on to his seat against a challenge from newcomer Louise Simons for the District 1 seat on the Town Council.

King won with 59.6 percent of the vote, receiving 62 votes to Simons’ 42.

District 2 incumbent Bridgette Jordan-Smith was voted to a second term on the Vincent Town Council, defeating opponent Mae Hugh Kidd.

After realizing she had won, Jordan-Smith let out several yells of “The town of Vincent has spoken!” She later said she hopes to work to mend rifts in the town “for the betterment of our citizens.”

Jordan-Smith kept her seat with a strong margin of victory, netting 60 percent of the vote with 111 votes versus Kidd’s 74.

Incumbent Johnny Edwards kept his District 3 seat on the Vincent Town Council, defeating challenger Bob Gorum.

Edwards received 85 votes, or 63.4 percent, to Gorum’s 49.

Mary Lee Reynolds was the only incumbent to lose her seat, as challenger Bruce Hamilton locked up 54.1 percent of the vote with 80 votes to Reynolds’ 48.

Incumbent Ralph Kimble Jr., who ran unopposed, locked up another term in the District 4 seat.

  • justwanttoknow

    Congratulations, Joey Cobb, on a well-fought race! You almost became my mayor. I voted for you the first time you ran for mayor four years ago. I voted for you to become the mayor of Vincent on Aug. 28, 2012.

    You are good for Vincent. Please run again in 2016.

  • justwanttoknow

    I am happy that we now have two council members–Bruce Hamilton and Ralph Kimble–who will not be “yes-men” for McAllister.

    I am, however, totally surprised that Bridgette Jordan-Smith was re-elected, after how she sucked up to White Rock Quarry and betrayed the citizens in her district.

    Goodbye Mary Lee Reynolds.

  • justwanttoknow

    McAllister defeated Joey Cobb by a margin of only 24 votes. That should send up a “red flag” for McAllister. The “red flag” should be interpreted by McAllister as an expression of discontent by many citizens of Vincent about how he, the council members, and the Zoning Committee have hijacked this town.

    McAllister, you almost lost this election. I prayed that you would, for the sake of our town.

    Joey Cobb, you almost won this election. What a salvation that would have been for our town!

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