Dr. Stancil Handley was elected mayor of Columbiana on Tuesday night, defeating incumbent Allan Lowe, 571 to 492. Earlier in the day, he urged voters to cast their ballots. (Reporter photo/Neal Wagner)

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It’s Mayor Handley in Columbiana

Published 10:44pm Tuesday, August 28, 2012


COLUMBIANA — Dr. Stancil Handley won election to the city’s top job on Tuesday night, defeating incumbent Mayor Allan Lowe 571 to 492.

Matthew Morris Jr., a recent high school graduate, who also was a candidate for mayor, received 29 votes.

Columbiana voters were forced to wait nearly three hours for election results. An election official said a discrepancy of one vote between those who had signed the election registration book and the number of ballots count had to be rectified before results could be tallied.

Columbiana City Clerk Gina Antolini announced the results inside city hall just before 10 p.m.

Handley, who held a victory party at Bernie’s on Main, said his reaction to his election was one of “relief. I’m just relieved. I didn’t know what to expect, really.”

“People in Columbiana have been telling me for a long time that they want a change here and I felt we had a viable option for change in this election. If people really felt like they wanted a change, I knew we would be successful,” Handley said.

Lowe was gracious in defeat.

“I have certainly enjoyed the 12 years I had the opportunity to serve as mayor.  I think we made a lot of positive changes,” Lowe said. “I wish the new administration great success.”

In city council races, results were:

• District 1 — Leslie Whiting defeated incumbent Frieda Abrams, 126 to 71.

• District 2 — Barbara A. Moore defeated Louis Payne, 78 to 40.

• District 3 — Ricky Ruston defeated incumbent Jim Strickland, 141 to 112.

• District 4 — Kim R. King defeated Michele Walker, 182 to 79.

• District 5 — Ouida Mayfield, incumbent, defeated David Galutza, 169 to 82.

  • scplowboy68

    Let’s all pray for Dr. Handley because the law of sowing and reaping is no respecter of person and the Bible says”whatsoever a man shall sowth so shall he reap” regardless of the sins being forgiven he must still reap he just rewards for all the deeds he done on earth before he dies.I believe he is where he is he now because this is all part of the law that makes people think that they have gotten away with everything they have done. you become to a mind of selfassureance, Also Dr. Handley said he did not know what to expect when election night was upon him I thought he was a man with a vision if so he should have known he would either win or lose. sure hope he knows what to expect when he start ruling over the great city of Columbiana,if not the people will get what they wanted a person with vision and that all.


    I am not his political opponent.

  • rrossermd

    Congratulations Dr Handley

  • justfacts

    How can we not know?? Every thing this man has done wrong since kindergarden has been broadcast all over town by his opponent. I personally have heard it from him and his entire support team. If there is anything else, it must have happened in the last two days or so.
    Sour Grapes – The people have spoken. Its over. Progress has arrived.


    None of you really know who you are taking up for. DO A LITTLE RESEARCH

  • justfacts

    No – He does. He makes a very good living and does not need the pitiful mayor salary. This man is giving his time to improve the town he loves.
    What he doesn’t do is go all over town, and have his friends and family do the same, to mudsling for selfish reasons. He and his family have been put through h@@@ by people willing to do anything to get what they want.
    If you are worried about character, there is someone you could focus on with much less than DOCTOR Handley.
    Dr. – I remain your supporter and will do anything I can to make our town successful. You know who I am.


    The outcome of this election tells me that good character and integrity doesn’t mean anything anymore, because the citizens of Columbiana just elected a new mayor that doesn’t have an ounce of either one. WAY TO GO!!!

    • MsBama2u

      why are you getting on here bashing Dr. Stancil Handley it takes someone pretty childish to do that!!!! Wait and see what he does then state you stupid opinion!!!! No one cares to read all the negative it is time something positive happened in Columbiana SO SIT BACK AND WATCH!!!!!

      • MsBama2u

        lol EXCUSE ME ……………..MAYOR HANDLEY!!!!

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