Land transactions for the week of August 29, 2012

Published 9:43am Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Aug. 17-23:


Aug. 17


-Gabriel Michael Coston to Karen R. Bash for $99,000 for Lot 91 of Savannah Pointe.

-Carco Inc. to Huneidi Properties LLC for $270,000 for property.

-Tyner Donna to Kokomo Enterprises LLC for $172,000 for Lot 22 of Inverness Cove.

-David W. and Brenda J. Angell to David W. and Brenda J. Angell for $415,000 for Lot 36 of Cove of Greystone.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corportation to Samuel Russell Garner for $140,000 for Lot 7 of Grande View Estate.

-Warren D. and Sarah A. Henry to David W. and Brenda J. Angell for $415,000 for Lot 36 of Cove of Greystone.

-Gary L. Smith Jr. and Melissa T. Smith to Gregory Dawson Jr. and Tenisha N. Dawson for $142,000 for Lot 369 of Fieldstone Park.

-Jimmy Durrell and Shirley Booth to Darrell C. Causey for $21,203 for property.

-Edward, William, Lorenza, Donald and Larry Cohill and Marilyn Woods to Alvin and Alma Cohill for $47,743 for property.

-William M. and Lucille F. Eastis to Rebecca Eastis Moore for $440,000 for property.

-Nancy K. Farmer to Mark Farmer for $33,310 for property.

-Patrick and Amanda R. Patronas to David M. and Christine C. Halperin for $274,000 for Lot 18 of Caldwell Crossings.

-Annie Laura Smith, estate, George Hudson, Ida Mae Bolling, Paul Hudson, Elnora Rhine, Nettie Morrow, Marva Smith, Vivian Lilly and Nadine Hudson to Nadine Hudson for $30,500 for property.

-United States Steel Corporation to Newcastle Construction Inc. for $50,000 for Lot 217 of Hillsboro.

-Devin T. and Sharron E. White to Devin T. and Sharron E. White for $65,450 for Lot 23 of Southern Hills.


Aug. 20


-Bank of America and Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP for $157,569 for Lot 20 of Cambrian Ridge.

-Crossings Investment Co. LLC to D. R. Horton Inc. Birmingham for $42,000 for Lot 11 of Polo Crossings and Lot 231 of Village at Polo Crossings.

-NSH Corp. to Denise Obert for $233,121 for Lot 24 of Village at Highland Lakes Regent Park Neighborhood.

-Stock Loan Services LLC to James G. and Penny O. Kovakas for $17,000 for Lot 2 of Cobblestone Corner.

-W. Sutton and Lindsay S. Wells to Anthony A. Lepore for $256,000 for Lot 25 of Emerald Parc.

-Harry B. Brock Jr. and Jane H. Brock to Samford University for $4,974,720 for Lots 16-18 of Crest at Greystone and property.

-Henrietta W. and Charles E. Davis Jr. to Emily N. and Steve A. Menard Jr. for $197,000 for Lot 11 of Lincoln Park.

-Camilla Ann and Marcus A. Davis to Peggy Harden for $330,000 for Lot 14 of Linkside at Greystone.

-Cory T. and Erin Dill to Chaslyn B. Moss for $110,900 for Lot 37 of Enclave.

-Fannie Mae to Donna M. Smith for $45,000 for property.

-Fannie Mae to Abby Howell and Melissa Hartley for $65,000 for Lot 23 of Bermuda Hills.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Joshua and Jennifer Calhoun for $173,000 for Lot 23 of Cameron Woods.

-Clark and Candace M. Gary to Kristi L. Lamb for $139,900 for Lot 523 of Forest Lakes.

-Betty J. Butler Hull to Arthur L. Brandt for $231,500 for Lot 53 of Thorn Berry.

-Theoleen B. Hurst to Methodist Home for the Aging for $166,500 for Lot 23 of Chadwick Sector 2.

-Elizabeth Mercer and Jason Jackson to Rebecca Rimes for $93,500 for Lot 1 of Somerset Phase Two Final Plat.

-Norma Jean Jones to George E. Scott III for $167,500 for Lot 58 of Dearing Downs Sixth Addition Phase I.

-Amanda C. and Lonnie L. Jones Jr. to Robert E. Leggett Jr. for $165,000 for Lot 41 of Marengo Sector Two.

-Raena D. and Roy Kristopher Maday to Patricia F. Jones for $149,900 for Lot 16 of Little Oak Ridge Estates Second Sector.

-Michelle and Douglas Mann to Brian D. and Angela B. Smith for $289,500 for Lot 31 of Sunset Lake Phase Five Final Plat Resurvey of Lots 30 and 31.

-Julie B. McDougal to Julie B. McDougal, trustee, and Julie B. McDougal Revocable Trust for $260,000 for Lot 3 of Barkley Square.

-Methodist Home for the Aging to Ronald P. and Kathryn L. Trunzo for $146,000 for Lot 23 of Chadwick Sector Two.

-Denisa Day Novick to Deborah Lowry for $178,900 for Lot 29 of Valley Station Second Sector.

-Brenda Perry to Milton Gary and Brittany Diann Wyatt for $69,500 for property.

-Anna Romero to Charles M. and Pam C. McLeod for Lot 692 of Forest Lakes Twelfth Sector.

-Wayne Carlton and Catherine M. Smith to Ryan Sykes and Jessica Whitman for $110,900 for Lot 6 of Fall Acres Third Sector.

-Van A. and Joy C. Steiner to Reginald and Martha Ginn for $143,000 for Lot 1740 of Old Cahaba IV Second Addition Phase Six.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sharif Anwar Lutfi for $101,000 for Lot 48 of Willow Creek Phase Two.

-Terra D. and James P. Washburn II to Michael R. and Amanda Dark Wilbanks for $200,000 for Lot 13 of Laceys Grove Phase I.

-Dianne M. and Michael R. Weinmann Sr. to Louis A. and Tina M. Mantrom for $102,000 for Lot 65 of Meriweather Sector One.


Aug. 21


-Linda Gardner Arthur and Roy Breck Arthur to Dustin T. and Amber H. Russell for $135,500 for Lot 31 of Amberley Woods.

-Michael Scott Blue to Coleman C. Blue Jr. and Becky Little Blue for $10,000 for Lot 5 of Farris Subdivision.

-James W. Carpenter and Mary Ann Haynes for $150,000 for Lot 63 of Narrows Point.

-Jeff and Cindy Carroll to Buck Creek Construction Inc. for $35,000 for Lot 1730 of Stoneykirk at Ballantrae.

-D. R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Daniel B. and Mary K. Herrera for $229,885 for Lot 239 of Holland Lakes.

-D. R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Marty J. Nemmers for $207,105 for Lot 70 of Chesser Plantation.

-D. R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Cherry Douglas for $172,905 for Lot 145 of Laceys Grove.

-Dal Properties LLC to Thomas W. and Leanne W. Davenport for $213,500 for Lot 1910 for Dunrobin at Ballantrae.

-Fannie Mae to Anna Hopper for $211,500 for Lot 55 of Caldwell Crossings.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to IRA Innovations Inc., Custodian FBO, and Charles Walter Prewett Jr., IRA, Monika Prewett, IRA for $68,500 for Lot 43 of Meadows.

-Richard Helfrick to Albert M. Billings III for $121,500 for Lot 40 of St. Charles Place.

-Ashley H. and Jessica R. Hendrix to Jonathan M. and Kelly Simpson for $150,000 for Lot 32 of Dearing Downs Fifth Sector Resurvey.

-Orville D. and Leah L. Littleton to Glen and Karen Devall for $329,000 for Lot 846 of Eagle Point Eighth Sector Phase Two.

-Michael P. and Cynthia Morris to Nikol K. Whitten for $169,500 for Lot 36 of Chadwick Sector Four Resurvey of Lot 36.

-Dianne L. Rutz to Martha E. Hyde, life estate, and Jon David Hyde for $6000 for property.

-Vivian C. Stopak to Michael A. Bumpus for $151,100 for Lot 54 of St. Charles Place Phase Two Sector Seven.

-Jason and Lisa Williams to Ronald L. and Jeane M. Ostenfeld for $317,000 for Lot 52 of Magnolias at Brook Highland.

-Daniel H. and Barbara J. Baldwin to John E. Lutenbacher Jr. and Regina Chandler Lutenbacher for $335,500 for Lot 3208 of Riverchase Country Club 32nd Addition.

-Joseph and Cathy Bowman to William E. Stewart for $444,375 for Lot 2119 of Highland Lakes 21st Sector Phase I and II.

-Steven and Kathryn L. Howland to Douglas M. and Anita C. Allen for $156,000 for Lot 27 of Chadwick Sector II.

-M. Smith Re. LLC to Daniel L. Fulghum for $123,320 for Lot 44 of Hampton Square.

-Newcastle Construction and Newcastle Construction LLC to Webster A. McClure for $222,500 for Lot 41 of Hillsboro Phase I Amended.

-Judy Hudson Pinson and Jeremy Thomas Hudson, estate, to Judy Hudson Pinson and Jeffery S. Hudson for $151,900 for Lot 1 of Polo Crossings Sector I.

-Sarah S. Robinson to Alan and Becky Coffin for $14,000 for Lot 3 of Eagle Point 12th Sector Phase I.

-Charles H. and Janice Smith to Lisa M. Imwalle for $262,500 for Lot 20 of Greystone Farms Lakes Edge Sector Amended Final Record Plat.


Aug. 22

-Charles B. Aurand and Paul P. Whitman for $168,000 for Lot 808 of Old Cahaba Sector Eight.

-David Matthew and Julie A. Curry to Willie F. Oden for $144,000 for Lot 92 of Forest Lakes Sector II Phase II.

-Charlie M. Dickson to Chari Dickson Fikes, Jori Dickson Jordon, Jonathan Dickson, Charlie M. Dickson, life estate, and Joe N. Dickson, life estate, for $215,856 for property.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Rebecca R. Goddard for $117,905 for Lot 70 for Cottages at Stonehaven First Addition.

-Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association for $223,519 for Lot 120 of Heritage Trace Phase I Sector I.

-Earnest Hamilton to Priscilla A. Jones for $18,000 for property.

-Eileen and Paul Harnagal to Steven M. Howland and Kathryn Leigh Allen for $225,000 for Lot 506 of Riverwoods Fifth Sector Phase I Final Plat.

-Benjamin A. and Deborah H. Jeter to Carol D. and Thomas M. Faulkner for $190,000 for Lot 22 of Royal Oaks Second Sector.

-Christopher M. and Amanda K. Leckonby to Sean T. and Danielle Grehalva for $195,000 for Lot 28 of Oak Park Sector I.

-Lori Lee to Walter and Pamela D. Armond for $23,000 for Lot Seven of Perkins Landing Sectors I and II.

-Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association for $79,744 for Lot 10 of Armstrong Estates First Sector.

-Johnnie N. Pittman and Elbert S. Pittman Jr. to Lloyd Anthony Maske and Natalie C. Bergeron for $84,900 for Lot 12 of Chelsea Estates First Addition.

-Seminole Partners Fund I LP to Ricky L. Nix Jr. for $78,000 for Lot 4-5 of Glasscocks Subdivision.

-Hilton and Carol Shirey to Calera U Store Inc. for $118,970 for Lot 2-4 for Dunstans Map Calera.

-Hilton and Kevin Hilton Shirey to Calera U Store Inc. for $324,410 for Lot 459-460 of Dares Survey of the Town of Calera and Lots 5-8 of J. H. Dunstan of the Town of Calera.

-Mischelle T. Stone and Jean M. Sasso to Richard T. and Tammy Ray for $132,500 for Lot 503 for Waterford Highlands Sector III Phase I.

-Erin and William D. Webb to Chad and Brenda Vannatter for $156,500 for Lot 21 for Willow Oaks.


Aug. 23

-Adams Homes LLC to Lesley A. Hudson for $141,900 for Lot 6 of Southfield Gardens.

-Adams Homes LLC to Courtney L. and Debra Ann Perry for Lot 433 of Silver Creek Sector III Phase II.

-Adams Homes LLC to Sonia Deyampert for $188,125 for Lot 2110 of Old Cahaba Phase V Sixth Addition.

-Adams Homes LLC to Angela T. Barton for $171,000 for Lot 23 of Golden Meadows.

-Adams Homes LLC to James Henry and Deborah Kay Davis for $143,060 for Lot 4 of Southfield Gardens Resurvey of Lots Four and Five.

-AFK Land LLC to D. Elwyn and Debby S. Bearden for $146,000 for Lots 17-19 of Chancellors Crossing and property.

-Ian and Gayle Davison to Norman and Leigh Ann Holmes for $1,119,000 for Lot 45 of Stonegate Realty Phase II.

-Robert G., Leslie, and Joy G. Dawson to Lisa Dianne Dove for $225,000 for Lot 22 of Foothills Trace Third Sector.

-Department of Veterans Affairs to Jenna Bell for $156,500 for Lot 41 of Sandpiper Trail Sector II.

-Thomas O. Diffee to Lowell N. and Debra B. Martin for $58,500 for Lot 3 of Carden Estates and property.

-Weston Harding Dungan and Jody Lee Cooper to Michael W. and Janice O. Johnson for $220,000 for Lot 21 of Eagle Cove.

-Sharon R. Erwin to Phillips C. Bensinger for $375,000 for Lot 738 of Highland Lakes Seventh Sector.

-Charles R. and Bethany P. Forrester to Sara L. and Stephen C. Lanza Jr. for $235,000 for Lot 4 of Valleybrook Phase I.

-Jeffrey L. and Martha Jane Gardiner to Nelson and Glenda L. Ortiz for $176,000 for Lot 224 of Silver Creek Sector II Phase I.

-Jason Anthony and Sarah Hart to Albert L. and Crystal B. Grimball for $236,500 for Lot 817 of Forest Parks Eighth Sector Phase II.

-Steve Jager to Mary E. and Joseph Adams Wilson Jr. for $32,500 for Lots 601-616, 631-641 and 643 of Deer Ridge Lakes Sector 6 Phase I, Lot A of Double Oak Mountain LLC Timber Tract Survey 30 and property.

-Jennings Properties and Investments LLC to Charles and Paula Culotta for $88,900 for Lot 406 of Horizon A Condominium.

-Margaret T. Lucas to Kathy S. Jones for $237,900 for Lot Nine of Kerry Downs A Subdivision of Inverness.

-Gene L. McKinney, trustee, and McKinney Living Trust to Van and Dee Weaver for $217,000 for Lot 40 of Edenton A Condominium Fourth Amended Condominium Plat.

-Gerald R. and Allie M. McLeod to Richard E. Sterling for $395,000 for Lot 2234 of Highland Lakes 22nd Sector Phase I.

-Louis J. and Margaret Moehr to James J. Glass for $308,108 for Lot 4 of Paradise Estates Sector I Final Plat.

-New York Community Bank to Joseph A. and Tammy B. Piatti for Lot 39 of Greystone Farms Milners Crescent Sector Phase I Final Recorded Plat.

-NSH Corp. to Latasha Vereen for $181,080 for Lots 9-107 of Chelsea Park Ninth Sector.

-NSH Corp. to Joshua W. and Jennifer D. Coffelt for $150,400 for Lot 94 for Waterstone Phase II.

-Gary L. and Donna M. Ross to Patricia A. and Harvey J. Schwab Jr. for $305,000 for Lot 3 of Katie Lee Survey Amended Map.

-William M. and Dorothy D. Schroeder for William M. Schroeder Jr. and Shane Schroeder and Shanda S. Watts for $69,000 for Lot 1-2 and 8-9 of Dunstans Map of the Town of Calera and property.

-Thornton New Home Sales Inc. and Thornton Inc. to Chelsea Station Owners Association Inc. for $59,400 for Lots 27-28 for Lots 200-204.

-Village at Highland Lakes Inc. to NSH Corp. for $45,000 for Lot 101 of Village at Highland Lakes Regent Park Neighborhood.

-Village at Highland Lakes Inc. to NSH Corp. for $45,000 for Lot 89 of Village at Highland Lakes Regent Park Neighborhood Phase II.

-Village at Highland Lakes Inc. to NSH Corp. for $65,000 for Lot 49 of Village at Highland Lakes Sector One Second Amendment to the Amended Map.

-Eric E. and Lora H. Walker to Linda F. Jolley for $248,500 for Lot 309 for Caldwell Crossings Third Sector.

-James Brandon and Laura Weathers to Jane M. Vickers for $155,000 for Lot 55 of Narrows Point Final Record Plat.

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