Marriages for the week of Sept. 26, 2012

Published 10:22am Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from Sept. 11-17, 2012:
-William Moore Headrick II, 60, of Montevallo to Cathy McCay Jones, 49, of Montevallo.

-Frank S. Catron Jr., 55, of Alabaster to Marjorie Lynne Korkus, 57, of Alabaster.

-Kyle Allen Holman, 48, of Pelham to Christina B. Ludwig, 37, of Birmingham.

-Charles Taylor Owens, 22, of Alabaster to Ashley Nicole Clark, 21, of Alabaster.

-John Russell Brehm, 66, of Shelby to Patti W. Akers, 64, of Shelby.

-Mitchell Lee Martin, 34, of Pelham to Victoria Ruto, 34, of Pelham.

-Rogelio Pena Jr., 37, of Birmingham to Ofelia Cruz Perez, 26, of Birmingham.

-Mustafa Ebrahim Lakhani, 22, of Calera to Aimee Nicole Littlefield, 20, of Calera.

-Robert Dean Bertsch, 50, of Wilsonville to Samantha Batchelor Baker, 46, of Wilsonville.

-John Raymond Williams, 28, of Harpers Ferry to Kimberly Tressa Lock, 28, of Harpers Ferry.

-Jonathan Lee Tyler, 31, of Sterrett to Misti Ann Allen, 37, of Sterrett.

-James Hassan Guthrie, 44, of Helena to Becky Atchley Hosey, 40, of Helena.

-Nicholas Duante McKnight, 22, of Calera to Chelsea Janee Merritt, 19, of Calera.

-Jason Nathaniel Watson Jr., 21, of Maylene to Larissa Davis, 21, of Maylene.

-Mathew A. Cummings, 22, of Chelsea to Kerri Paramore Wetzel, 24, of Chelsea.

-Christopher Scott Buzbee, 44, of Columbiana to Cathy Ann Galbreath, 51, of Columbiana.

-Grant Koby Dunnam, 24, of Shelby to Ashley Lauren Seale, 25, of Shelby.

-Ryan James Chase, 25, of Alabaster to Jana Leigh Henderson, 26, of Alabaster.

-Tyrus Jerome Williamson, 42, of Alabaster to Crystal Vanessa Joyce, 37, of Calera.

-Ryan J. Whatley, 23, of Knoxville to Anne Marie Urrutia, 22, of Knoxville.

-Terry W. Galica, 48, of Helena to Kathleen Nadia Caswell, 49, of Helena.

-Joshua Lee Kramer, 32, of Maylene to Susan Ann Jones, 40, of Maylene.

-Travis Lynn Braden, 24, of Columbiana to Alicia Nicole Reed, 21, of Shelby.

-Corey Carlton McDonald, 26, of Pelham to Jenna Leah Nabors, 27, of Pelham.

-Eric Wade Parrott, 34, of Calera to Leslie Elizabeth Baldwin, 31, of Columbiana.

-Jonathan Alan Bethune, 23, of Leeds to Kellyn Rose Wise, 24, of Leeds.

-Jack Lynn Tillery Jr., 26, of Birmingham to Abby Jo Thompson, 29, of Birmingham.

-Cameron Emerson Askew, 24, of Helena to Ashley Lauren Hammonds, 29, of Helena.

-Jerry William Denham, 34, of Chelsea to Kimberly Diane Davis, 23, of Chelsea.

-Daniel Allen Goss, 36, of Birmingham to Amy Lynch McCoy, 38, of Pelham.

-John Wesley Ashley Jr., 23, of Pelham to Asha Shamone Cottrell, 25, of Pelham.

-Joshua Neil Blackerby, 30, of Columbiana to Johnna Leigh Headley, 28, of Shelby.

-Gene Gary Garza Jr., 34, of Calera to Alison Mae Miller, 27, of Calera.

-Dwight Savage, 29, of Montevallo to Shandie Marie Martinez, 22, of Montevallo.

-Michael David Ferguson, 33, of Calera to Melissa M. Welborn, 38, of Calera.

-Jacob Wesley Meyer, 23, of Leeds to Stephanie Lane Brandon, 22, of Leeds.

-Christopher James Fisher, 21, of Sterrett to Jessica Rene Kennedy, 27, of Sterrett.

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