Marriages for the week of Oct. 10, 2012

Published 11:01am Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from Sept. 25-Oct. 1:


-Nicholaus Lynn Sanford, 32, of Calera to Brittania Marie Valone, 31, of Calera.

-Michael Sean Bunn, 42, of Pelham to Crystal Joy McCurry, 28, of Pelham.

-David Benjamin Wilson, 33, of Chelsea to Sarah Ellen Myers, 25, of Chelsea.

-Bryan Christopher Cleveland, 37, of Alabaster to Kimberly Lashan Adams, 35, of Alabaster.

-Daniel Edward Marshall, 27, of Alabaster to Abigail Virginia Tedeton, 21, of Montevallo.

-Timothy Richard Fast, 29, of Abilene to Kaitlyn Anna Estill, 23, of Abilene.

-David Oliver Kimbrough, 33, of Chelsea to Julie Nicole Owings, 25, of Chelsea.

-Brian Christopher Marko, 29, of Birmingham to Krystal Lynn Bearden, 28, of Chelsea.

-James Joseph Bentley, 29, of Pelham to Nicole Breanne Belflower, 29, of Pelham.

-Christopher Warren Dixon, 26, of Birmingham to Crystal Teer Vaughn, 30, of Birmingham.

-Dennis Edward McGlothen, 33, of Montevallo to Melissa Ruth Buck, 30, of Montevallo.

-John Thomas Caiola, 61, of Chelsea to Michelle Cain Harris, 51, of Chelsea.

-Christopher Brian Byers, 35, of Chelsea to Lacey Celeste Griffin, 28, of Birmingham.

-Robert Anthony Hatch, 49, of Pelham to Tonya Louise Davis McGairty, 43, of Pelham.

-David Farrell Wideman, 26, of Chelsea to Jennifer Lauren Bradford, 21, of Chelsea.

-Justin Wayne Hyde, 31, of Montevallo to Brandy Ann Ramsey, 32, of Montevallo.

-Zachary Richard Brown, 21, of Eufaula to Channing Elizabeth Coker, 22, of Wilsonville.

-Robert Eugene Miller III, 40, of Montevallo to Elizabeth Cain Inglesby, 42, of Montevallo.

-Mark Gregory Patton, 50, of Adamsville to Janet L. Stewart, 51, of Calera.

-Eric J. Tully, 25, of Birmingham to Jennifer Victoria Chapman, 21, of Birmingham.

-Ashley William Page, 19, of Chelsea to Alexis Marie Keenum, 18, of Chelsea.

-Marcus Ryan Smitherman, 44, Lawrenceville to Telana Waukesia Brand, 42, of Calera.

-Charles Edwin Williams, 33, of Birmingham to Ashleigh White Huffstetler, 33, of Birmingham.

-Daniel Patrick Green, 23, of Louisville to Jessica Lela Bean, 23, of Birmingham.

-Billy F. Williamson, 75, of Ashland to Catherine P. Hill, 67, of Lineville.

-Geoffrey Thomas Strehle, 21, of Shelby to Kaylyn Hope Roberson, 17, of Shelby.

-Anthony Gordon Edwards, 31, of Jemison to Cynthia Penn Oliver, 36, of Jemison.

-Justin Wilson Mosley, 24, of Alabaster to Chelsee Michelle Scates, 19, of Alabaster.

-Kim Alan Melton, 56, of Montevallo to Jennifer Lynn Edwards, 45, of Montevallo.

-Scott Cona Morris, 24, of Birmingham to Helen Foster Marchman, 23, of Birmingham.

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