Pelham received a more than $1 million FEMA grant on Oct. 11 to fund upgrades in a flood-prone area off Alabama 261 (File)

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Pelham receives FEMA flood grant

Published 1:57pm Thursday, October 11, 2012

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved a more than $1 million grant to help alleviate flooding issues along Alabama 261 in Pelham, city officials announced Oct. 11.

The city originally applied for the hazard mitigation grant in 2009 to help combat the frequent flooding in the Saddle Run and Stratford Place subdivisions.

Pelham officials will use the $1.03 million grant to fund the majority of a $1.67 million drainage improvement project near the subdivisions.

Pelham Mayor Don Murphy said the project will enlarge two existing detention ponds – one south of Aaron Road and the other south of the Saddle Run neighborhood – and will construct two new detention ponds in the Alabama 261 basin near the Alabama Power Company substation.

“The city is prepared to immediately begin the steps to bring relief to the residents in the affected areas,” Murphy wrote in a press release. “Once approved by the City Council, the engineering firm of Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood will begin work on the project.”

The Pelham City Council is scheduled to have its first reading on whether to approve the about $600,000 in matching grant funds during its Oct. 15 meeting, said City Clerk Tom Seale. To vote on the matter on Oct. 15, the council would have to first vote to suspend the rules.

If approved, the matching funds would come from Pelham’s general fund.

City officials previously said the city’s grant application got “put on the fast track” after Pelham documented a recent flood in the two neighborhoods and sent the information along to FEMA.

Several Saddle Run and Stratford Place residents have attended City Council meetings over the past few months to voice concerns about drainage problems in the area.


    WHAT YOU SAY IS NOT TRUE the people who lives here know
    what happen you hate Mayor Murphy and that up to you and your maker but please give the man some credit

  • David Ladewig

    There are times when citizens, who have been damaged, are made whole and leaders step up and do what is right without excuse or reservation. It is heart warming to know that the citizens in the flood areas on Hwy. 261 will finally see a solution to the flooding disasters that have occured over the years. In my opinion, the citizens owe Mayor Murphy a gracious thank you for never giving up when it would have been easy to walk away. Mayor Murphy never made excuses, or tried to hide from the fact that this area was made a mess by events other than just nature. During the 17 years I’ve lived here, the people in the flood area have been given one excuse and inexcusable reason after another as to why it was not a city function to make this area safer from flooding. That was criminal to me but in the past now. Today, your Mayor stepped up and made it happen. I appreciate people who make things happen and I want to thank Mayor Murphy for his gallant efforts. Others have been involved, but this Mayor has done some great things for this city that took YEARS of perserverance. Soon, all of our citizens will be able to sleep during the rain, confident they will not have to swim for their lives one night. The same is true for another project Mayor Murphy never gave up on and that is the sidewalk project to the high school. That was turned down several times, but he kept going back until he was successful. Pelham was fortunate to have Mayor Murphy working for the regular citizens, like me. Without his perserverance, these two projects would have been long forgotten. There is much more, but that is for another day. Once again, thank you Mayor Murphy for what you did for these people. One small and quick council vote and the most important project in Pelham is on its way to completion.

    David Ladewig

    • pantherlover

      The election is over now, you can stop the spin.

      This admin did little to NOTHING about this problem but make excuses until the LAST flood when the media gave it so much attention than the feds and locals had no choice but to do something. The people that live in this area knew this, and this is another in a LONG list of reasons why Murphy, Meadows and Nichols were shown door, and you came in last place for the seat you were after.

      The sidewalks weren’t completed until after the boy’s Mother lobbied the city and the public to get something done. To try and spin this in favor of the Mayor is an insult to everyone who was involved.

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