Divorces for the week of Nov. 28, 2012

Published 2:33pm Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The following couples were granted divorces in Shelby County from Oct. 18-24, 2012:


-Janette Lorraine Lagasse of Columbiana and Charles Henry Lagasse Jr. of Columbiana.

-Vivian D. Scott of Gulfport, Miss., and Samuel D. Scott of Wilsonville.

-Jessica S. Browne of Pelham and John A. Browne of Pelham.

-Dana Bean of Calera and Jason Bean of Shelby.

-David Parten of Maylene and Lorie Newton Parten of Alabaster.

-Tracy Renae Jenkins of Columbiana and Brandon Shea Jenkins of Jemison.

-Marcy Kay Dickey of Calera and Ben Leo Dickey of Alabaster.

-Jennifer Rhea Heidrich of Birmingham and Philip Alan Heidrich of Alabaster.

-Kari Jones of Trafford and Thomas Jones of Trafford.

-Michael A. Norton of Hoover and Susan E. Norton of Hoover.

-Jennifer K. Darby of Maylene and Thomas Ernest Darby Jr. of Maylene.

-Regina Anne Gunn of Montevallo and Kenneth Gunn of Alabaster.

-Antoinette V. Ward of Montevallo and Jack L. Ward III, of Montevallo.

-Kenneth J. Head of Helena and Sherilyn D. Head of Helena.

-Jimmy A. Simmons of Birmingham and Rebecca Simmons of Alabaster.

-Michael Anthony Little of Calera and Ardriena Barabino of Birmingham.

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