Marriages for the week of Feb. 20, 2013

Published 4:41pm Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from Feb. 12-18:


-Bernard Joseph Tombrello II, 39, of Calera to Sarah Carter Tombrello, 29, of Calera.

-Chance Ryan Acton, 27, of Pelham to Lindsie Rebecca Hearn, 24, of Pelham.

-Jamal Rouhani, 32, of Helena, to Rebecca Lynn Musser, 30, of Birmingham.

-Joshua Dale Litaker, 24, of Birmingham, to Alexandria Teresa Hare, 23, of Birmingham.

-Kenneth Scott Davis, 37, of Chelsea, to Christina Jo Ragland, 36, of Chelsea.

-Jason Earl Quast, 45, of Birmingham, to Emily Sherryl Laird, 48, of Birmingham.

-Jeremy Lang Qualls, 36, of Maylene, to Erika Nicole Czapala, 37, of Maylene.

-Juan Edward Lilly, 57, of Calera, to Eva Stallworth Lilly, 60, of Calera.

-Jeffrey James Aiken, 55, of Alabaster, to Choko Kimura, 53, of Alabaster.

-William Phillip Poske, 58, of Alabaster, to Danna Lynn Ryan, 55, of Alabaster.

-Jeffery Monroe Bacon, 50, of Helena, to Tara L. May, 42, of Helena.

-Michael Edward Lee, 43, of Wilsonville, to Hallie Riha, 39, of Wilsonville.

-Floyd Daniel Gill, 26, of Birmingham, to Shealyn Rachel Bonds, 23, of Birmingham.

-Timothy Charles Parker II, 28, of Helena, to Alesia Georgette Roberts, 25, of Pelham.

-Phillip Robert Mosca, 37, of Alabaster, to Caitlin Maria Martin, 24, of Odenville.

-Brandon Samuel Abbott, 26, of Birmingham, to Bethany Brianne Wykoff Abbott, 23, of Chelsea.

-Ricky Lamont Hall, 34, of Montevallo, to Angel Grimes Cummings, 32, of Panama City.

-Michael Lee Hunt, 38, of Sterrett, to Melissa Claire Cullipher, 38, of Sterrett.

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