Marriages for the week of April 10, 2013

Published 9:14am Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from March 26-April 1, 2013:


-Festus Mitei Kiptoo, 42, of Birmingham to Lakeasha Ayana McTear, 34, of Birmingham.

-Richard Henry Wilkins Jr., 27, of Alabaster to Stephanie Leigh Scarcliff, 32, of Alabaster.

-Tommy Matthew Sowers, 28, of Shelby to Sasha Leighann Watts Carver, 24, of Shelby.

-Michael William Moon, 26, of Helena to Sarah McBride Spires, 25, of Helena.

-Christopher Byrd Woodham, 33, of Birmingham to Holly Elizabeth Howell, 29, of Birmingham.

-Charles Leigh Hunt, 44, of Pelham to Lauren Michelle Dean, 33, of Pelham.

-Thatis Bernard Hudson, 35, of Montevallo to Anitra K. Yarbrough, 31, of Montevallo.

-Joseph Louis Roberta, 48, of Hoover to Adrienne Hart, 40, of Hoover.

-Keith Allen Bryant, 41, of Calera to Athena Nicholl Woodson, 39, of Calera.

-Robert Edward Lee Cooke III, 70, of Shelby to Ruth Charolet Ross, 70, Shelby.

-Stephen Daniel Lott, 30, of Birmingham to Laura Elizabeth Weiss, 28, of Birmingham.

-Samuel Alan Davis, 37, of Alabaster to Carol Jean Hamilton, 47, of Alabaster.

-Charles Thomas Perryman, 45, of Helena to Angela Yvonne Hurt, 40, of Helena.

-Joseph Paul Finocchio, 56, of Bessemer to Pamela Denise Ricketson, 51, of Bessemer.

-Kyle Michael Dunklin, 22, of Calera to Paula Michelle Davis, 23, of Montevallo.

-Mark Douglas Murph, 31, of Helena to Joanna Judith Harris, 31, of Helena.

-Benjamin Douglas Lee, 28, of Birmingham to Leah Marie Hamel, 26, of Birmingham.

-Christopher Thomas Smith, 28, of Shelby to Ashley Dawn Benton, 25, of Maylene.

-Timothy Blair Shiflett, 29, of Birmingham to Jaclyn Rebecca Horsley, 27, of Birmingham.

-Norman Charles Westervelt, 24, of Birmingham to Jillian Marie Bush, 23, of Birmingham.

-James Christopher Foster, 44, of Calera to Jennifer Ann Sellers, 46, of Calera.

-Ryan Jacob Collins, 30, of Birmingham to Tricia Michelle Harrison, 29, of Birmingham.

-Darrin Alcorn, 36, of Helena to Meredith Leigh Burns, 33, of Helena.

-Austin Allen Smith, 28, of Calera to Lacey Grace Arnold, 28, of Gardendale.

-Stephen Earl Holsomback, 23, of Calera to April Hichelle Hughes, 21, of Calera.

-Gerald Woodrow Wilson, 37, of Calera to Ashley Dawn Wadsworth, 36, of Calera.

-James Clifton McGlaughn, 73, of Clanton to Shirley Youngblood Springer, 77, of Clanton.

-Jeremy Michael Ward, 30, of Montevallo to Ashley Jane Watkins, 29, of Montevallo.

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