Land transactions for the week of May 1, 2013

Published 8:03am Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from April 19-25, 2013:


April 19


-Thorton Inc. to D. R. Horton Inc. Birmingham for $56,000 for Lot 46 and 53 of Chelsea Station.

-William Neil Sullivan to Shanna B. and Andrew M. Lowe for $122,900 for Lot 1 of Woodland Hills Fist Phase Fifth Sector.

-Margaret J. Finn to Finn Family Investments LTD for $100,000 for property.

-Mark C. and Jane M. Mire to Garry L. Green Jr. and Natasha M. Green for $281,500 for Lot 37 of Valleybrook Phase IV.

-Newcastle Construction Inc. to Betty B. Jones for $94,900 for Lot 55 of Calera Commons Townhomes Amended Map.

-Bryan L. and Brenda Singer to James Steven and Carrie Ward Cornelison for $322,000 for Lot 520 of Timberlake Sector 5 Resurvey of Lots 520 and 521 Final Plat.

-William G. and Nancy W. Fluker to Grady W. and Patricia A. Covin for $30,000 for Lot 2 of Fluker Family Subdivision and property.

-Gergory S. and Kelly R. Page to Matthew C. and Trisha A. Henry for $400,000 for Lot 1-80 of Chelsea Park First Sector Phase I and II.


April 22


-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jeffery and Sheila Dowd for $356,125 for Lot 1446 of Highland Lakes 14th Sector.

-Hendon Constance to Justin K. Gingles and Hannah Elizabeth Favier for $136,000 for Lot 159 for Reserve at Timberline.

-Proctor Holdings LLC to Thornton Custom Homes and Remodeling Inc. for $441,657 for Lot 12 of Heatherwood Fifth Sector Amended Plat.

-Melody M. Rowell to Lenika Williams for $150,900 for Lot 56 of Kinsale Garden Homes Second Sector.

-Charles R. Andrews Jr. and Lydia B. Andrews to Richard E. and Mary J. Roberts for $335,000 for Lot 33 of Heatherwood Third Sector.

-Joshua C. and Staci L. Caldwell to Kristijan Mitrovski for $162,000 for Lot 206 of Lofts at Edenton A Condominium.

-Mark Garner, William G. Forsyth III and Bridgett Forsyth to William G. Forsyth III and Bridgett Forsyth for $165,000 for Lot 13 of Amberly Woods Second Sector.

-Leroy Lamar Humphrey to Melody Cardwell for $11,000 for property.

-Jerry Dewane May, personal representative, and Lucy D. May, estate, to Jennifer L. Ward for $83,000 for Lot 23 of Ashley Brook Townhomes.

-Eliska Renee McGrew to Willy and Eric McGrew for $162,500 for Lot 29 and 28 of Bensons Camp.

-Gumcindo Lopez Ramirez to Melody Humphrey Cardwell and Genovevo Ramirez Lopez for $5,000 for property.

-Robert M. Howard Sr. and Doni M. Howard to Wright Homes Inc. for $25,000 for property.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel Dennis for $80,100 for Lot 85 of Wyndham Cottages Phase II.


April 23


-ANTOD Corp. to Brick Properties LLC for $45,000 for property.

-Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $94,179 for property.

-Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $143,195 for Lot 29 of Chanda Terrace Sixth Sector.

-Walter Beard to Cody Alexander Williams and Kira Michelle Long for $169,000 for Lot 1 of Meadowview First Sector.

-Richard M. and Deborah H. Bigger to Deryl J. Bode for $309,900 for Lot 41 of Oaklyn Hills Phase IV Final Plat.

-Sharroll and Jimmy Bowlin to Matthew T. and Jennifer Massey for $190,000 for Lot 568 of Grande View Estates Givianpour addition to Alabaster Fifth Addition.

-Richard C. Brown to John D. and Sherry L. Minor for $95,000 for Lot 56 of Eaglewood Estates First Sector.

-Cheney Lime and Cement Company Inc. to State of Alabama for $17,350 for property.

-Eric Clough to Preston Investments LLC for $126,000 for Lot 37 of Stonecreek Phase III Final Plat.

-Mary G. Crow, Randal Abner Crow and Ashley Diane Crow to Joshua J. and Heather A. Taylor for $179,000 for Lot 3 of Indian Valley First Sector.

-DAL Properties LLC to John H. and Janet Landefeld for $299,900 for Lot 1352 of Macallan at Ballantrae Phase II Final Plat.

-Ray P. Davis to Jennifer and Brandon Broadhead for $165,900 for property.

-Donovan Builders LLC to Pablo and Amparito Moscoso for $157,000 for Lot 6 of Willow Oaks Final Plat.

-E. Group Support Services Inc. to Michael C. and Valerie K. Peterson for $214,000 for Lot 50 of Sunny Meadows Third Sector.

-EBSCO Development Company Inc. to County Board of Education of Shelby County and Shelby County Board of Education for $47,400 for property.

-Steven A. and Kristie Franks to Tiffany M. Robbins for $134,700 for Lot 116 of Reserve at Timberline.

-Patrick and Jamie Gordon to Stacy Renee and Michael Nathan Hux for $158,000 for Lot 140 of Forest Lakes Sector III Phase I.

-Michael D. and Margaret M. Greene to Jonathan E. and Kathryn Adkinson Stout for $230,000 for Lot 36 of Eagle Point First Sector Phase I.

-Grey Oaks Properties LLC to Donovan Builders LLC for $20,000 for Lot 107 of Grey Oaks Sector I Final Plat.

-Thomas J. and Jean J. Hahn to John Randall and Margaret Ann Havicus for $370,000 for Lot 31-08 of Highland Lakes 31st Sector Phase I.

-Vera N. Hendrix to Larry E. Borders for $199,900 for Lot 43 of Cobblestone Square.

-Tyna P. Johnson and Victor E. Johnson Revocable Trust to Leroy Cary and Patricia Jean Large for $280,000 for Lot 7 of Glynn Hollow.

-Edwin L. and Betty J. Kimbell and Cynthia Kimbell Cummins to Latoya Danielle Hagler for $146,000 for Lot 72 of Stratford Place Phase V.

-M. L. and Farley Moody to Mary Louis Moody for $100,900 for Lot 47 of Timberline Phase II Final Plat.

-E. Farley Moody II to Mary Louise Moody for $620,675 for property.

-Melvin L. and Kathryn B. Morrison to Christopher and Candace Gulledge for $219,900 for Lot 14 of Cedar Meadows A Resurvey of Lot 6 Block 1 of Mountain View Estates.

-NSH Corp. to Philip M. and Maegan C. McCauley for $196,060 for Lot 9-62 of Chelsea Park Ninth Sector.

-Jimmy Pate to Paul and Tarayn Comer for $49,900 for property.

-Property Enhancement Services LLC to Kittrell Properties LLC for $88,000 for Lot 3 of Cambrian Valley Office Park Resurvey of Lots 3A of A Resurvey of Lots 3, 4 and 5.

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Raymond E. and Lanice F. Chandler for $164,567 for Lot 722 of Waterford Cove Sector III.

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Justin Charles Jevaltas for $78,000 for Lot 20 of Carrington Sector II Resurvey.

-Stone Martin Builders LLC to Matthew and Jennifer Duplantis for $344,999 for Lot 1203 of Manors of Ballantrae Club Drive Final Plat.

-Robert L. Sullivan Jr. and Deborah S. Sullivan for $100,000 for property.

-Daniel T. Taylor to D. Taylor Properties LLC for $115,750 for Lot 248 of Chandalar South Sixth Sector Addition.

-Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $56,403 for Lot 18 of Whitestone Townhomes Phase I.

-Jonathan J. and Jonathan T. Whitcomb to Jonathan Steven Nelson for $223,000 for Lot 91 of Beaumont Phase IV Resurvey of Lots 85-99 and 102-110 Final Plat.


April 24


-Jeanette Allison to A. Edward Fawwal for $25,000 for property.

-Travis F. and Nadine L. Gibson to Nadine L. Eplattenier for $151,490 for Lot 9 of Meadow Brook Eighth Sector Second Phase.

-Africa L. and Jamada V. Green to Ricky Charles Anderson II and Tiffany L. Anderson for $126,100 for Lot 503 of Savannah Pointe Sector V Phase II.

-Brian K. Lee to Kin M. Wong for $250,000 for Lot 66 of Meadowridge.

-Joshua Alexander and Kristin A. M. Lough to Zachary Pigg for $118,000 for Lot 61 of Ironwood.

-Dorene A. Maniccia and Joseph E. Ceterski to Matthew S. and Rachael A. Morrow for $347,500 for Lot 60 of Greystone Farms Milners Crescent Sector Phase II Final Record Plat.

-National Bank of Commerce of Birmingham now doing business as PNC Bank to Carmon H. McConathy for 0 for Lot 8 of Olde Towne Forest Second Addition.

-Darlene Rasco to Stephen C. and Shelli G. Preston for $290,000 for Lot 8 of Arlington Street Extension Subdivision.

-James T. and Edanna W. Thompson to Chad and Heather Borden for $195,000 for Lot 31 of Grande View Estates Givianpour Addition to Alabaster.

-David Asafir to Ronen Tal for $90,000 for Lot 51 of Forest Village Final Plat.

-Jeremy S. and Amy C. Bazzell to Dave C. and Maria F. Jennings for $148,000 for Lot 92 of Greenfield Sector V.

-George M. Dennis II to George M. Dennis II, trustee, Barbara D. Rourke, trustee, and Dennis Family Trust for $142,900 for Lot 10 of Mission Hills Second Sector.

-Fannie Mae to Safe Future Birmingham LLC for $77,500 for Lot 42 of Canyon Park Townhomes.

-Fannie Mae to William A. Weidler for $60,000 for Lot 3 of Fox Haven First Sector Amended Map.

-Christopher and Lisa George to Jeremy S. and Amy C. Bazzell for $222,000 for Lot 65 of Sunset Lake Phase I Final Plat.

-Mobley Development Inc. to DAL Properties LLC for $155,600 for Lot 1920-1923 of Dunrobin Phase II in Ballantrae.

-Mobley Development Inc to DAL Properties LLC for $91,800 for Lot 1674 and 1680 of Strathaven Phase IV in Ballantrae.

-United States Steel Corporation to Newcastle Construction Inc. for $126,000 for Lot 52 of Hillsboro Phase I, Lot 254 of Hillsboro Phase I Amended and Lot 265 of Hillsboro Phase II Amended.

-Ruth Salser Wills to Gary Wayne Wills for $27,580 for property.


April 25


-Thomas S. and Pamela M. Allen to Robert E. and Linda G. Hall for $259,500 for Lot 40 of Courtside at Brook Highland A Condominium.

-Michael and Amanda Woodruff Andrews to Lana L. Price for $55,000 for Lot 10 of Hanna Farms Amended Map.

-Citimortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $106,934 for Lot 99 of Wyndham Cottages Phase II.

-Fannie Mae to Miranda Carroll and Gregory Clark for $100,000 for Lot 21 of Port South First Sector.

-Gary R. Hickox to Andrea L. and Evan L. Howton for $185,000 for Lot 29 of Meadow Brook Ninth Sector.

-Priscilla S. Holben, trustee, Melissa Bass, trustee, and Holben Family Trust to Saifollah Bahrami for $204,000 for Lot 4 of Indian Valley Sixth Sector.

-Judith Brown Lazenby to Janet Leigh Douglas for $235,000 for Lot 11 of Caldwell Crossings.

-Barbara H. Martin to Jerry W. and Jeanne E. Fant for $190,000 for Lot 25 of Greystone Ridge Garden Homes.

-Morequity Inc. to Billy J. and Johnnie Pickett for $52,100 for property.

-Paul W. and Mandy C. Peace to Don H. and Ann T. Thomas for $185,600 for Lot 35 of Old Mill Trace Second Sector.

-Rebuildus LLC to Ori Eyal for $85,000 for Lot 107 of Waterford Village Sector II.

-Lisa B. and Christopher M. Ritchie to Holly K. Weber for $159,000 for Lot 94 of Cottages at Chesser Phase I Resurvey of Lot 94.

-Dorothy L. Roehrer to L. J. White Investments LLC for $135,000 for Lot 6 of Meadow Brook Townhomes Phase II First Sector.

-Fay G. Stano to Ricky and Lynn Curren for $19,000 for property.

-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ashlee Brown for $256,500 for Lot 37 of Belvedere Cove Phase III.

-United States Steel Corporation to Newcastle Construction Inc. for $42,000 for Lot 36 of Hillsboro Phase I Amended.

-Douglas and Heather Wylie to Billy F. Hopkins Jr. and Anne W. Hopkins for $412,000 for Lot 926 of Eagle Point Ninth Sector.

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