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Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Published 3:19pm Monday, June 10, 2013

Did you know June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month? This means cats 6 months and older are FREE all month long at the Shelby Humane Society. But we couldn’t leave out the little ones; they will only be $25. We have so many cats and dogs who need their forever homes.

Sheriff (contributed)
Sheriff (contributed)

Meet Sheriff, a 2-year-old male domestic shorthair mix. This big hearted baby loves to cuddle and be held. And he loves making biscuits in your arms! He never meets a stranger, and since we’re offering free cat hugs all month long, come hug Sheriff. He may be the perfect cat for you and your family!

Did you know physical contact with pets lowers your temperature, stress level and blood pressure? Did you know that increased activity playing with your pet can reduce bone loss, lower cholesterol and improve blood circulation? Pets also entertain us, give us something to talk and laugh about. Thanks to a grant from the Daniel Foundation of Alabama, senior citizens (ages 60 years and older) approved for adoption at our shelter can now have their adoption fee waived when matched up with a senior pet (ages 6 years and older). If you feel like you could take advantage of this program, you would love Ms. Sugar.

Sugar (contributed)
Sugar (contributed)

Sugar is a 9-year-old female terrier mix. She’s a favorite here at Shelby Humane. Her cataracts have caused almost complete blindness in both eyes, and she has partial hearing. But this doesn’t stop her. She loves to dance for you when she wants your attention. She’s got a small disability but a huge heart. Come visit with her. You never know, she may be your perfect match!

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