The Pelham City Council will hold a public hearing on June 17 to discuss a city school feasibility study. (File)
The Pelham City Council will hold a public hearing on June 17 to discuss a city school feasibility study. (File)

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Second public hearing on Pelham schools is Monday night

Published 3:10pm Thursday, June 13, 2013

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

The Pelham City Council will again hear public comment on the city’s school system feasibility study on June 17 in the Pelham Municipal Courtroom.

The public hearing will be the second on the matter since Dr. Ira Harvey of the Decision Resources firm unveiled the findings of the feasibility study earlier this month.

The June 17 public hearing will be held during the City Council’s regular monthly meeting, which will begin at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Courtroom, which is in the Pelham Police and Court building at 32 Philip Davis St.

“So far, we’ve talked about can we form our own school district. On Monday, we will talk about should we do it,” Pelham Mayor Gary Waters said during a June 12 interview.

During its first public hearing on the school study, which was held on June 3 immediately after Harvey reviewed the study results, City Council members received mixed feedback from Pelham residents.

Council President Rick Hayes previously said the city may hold a third public hearing at the Pelham Civic Complex later this month, but details for the third hearing had not been finalized as of June 13.

  • Just the FACTS

    If the city council votes to pull away from Shelby County:

    (1) ALL Pelham residents will eventually be required to attend Pelham city schools. The county will negotiate a “transitional” period as they did with Alabaster. Essentially all Pelham residents who’s children are registered in Chelsea Elementary, Middle or High Schools will continue in those schools until the move to the Middle or High School level at which point they will be required to attend Pelham schools.

    (2) The council has received bad information based off a flawed $30,000 feasibility study. I look forward to educating them Monday.

    (3) This is a bad move for the entire city of Pelham. Facility dollars have been spent where need has dictated in Shelby County. Pelham must be patient as Calera, Chelsea and Helena have been for many MANY years. If a new school system is indeed the way to go, it would be prudent to wait and watch Alabaster to determine the pros and cons of such an endeavor.

  • pantherlover

    With Alabaster forming a system, we will only be gaining kids who are already in Pelham city limits. Plus, what does this do for all the people that live out towards Chelsea, but in Pelham? Many of them moved there for the Chelsea schools. Will they be forced to change to schools that are actually quite far away from them? Would Pelham be interested in de-annexing them, and losing the revenue from that area? Too many questions, not enough information to support that this will actually benefit education and not politics.

  • pantherlover

    We SHOULD NOT do this, as it is nothing more than a very expensive power grab. There are certain members of our community that want control of the schools, and who is placed in administrative positions. Tell your friends and neighbors to come out in force to this hearing and let the Council know how you feel about this. We need to work more with the County BOE to get buildings repaired, and find someone from Pelham to run for the county BOE. This is going to be a very expensive endeavor with likely very little overall benefit to the general public.

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