Marriages for the week of July 3, 2013

Published 10:17am Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from June 18-24, 2013:


-Ricardo Pino Conte, 27, of Montevallo and Ashton Paige Haislip, 24, of Montevallo.

-Todd Michael Lett, 28, of Wilsonville and Christy Elaine Galloway, 27, of Wilsonville.

-John Adam Ross, 25, of Shelby and Courtney Lee Shirey, 23, of Shelby.

-Nicholas Shayne Miles, 22, of Pelham and Kristen Lea Myrick, 22, of Pelham.

-Kendall Wayne Walters, 33, of Alabaster and Shephanie Lynn Agro, 35, of Maylene.

-Virgle Allen Bussey, 42, of Wilsonville and Stacey H. Johnson, 36, of Wilsonville.

-William Donald Kirkland, 50, of Alabaster and Malinda Dawn Cost, 39, of Helena.

-Steven Shane Bedsole, 35, of Sterrett and Shannon Leigh Purvis, 34, of Chelsea.

-Jordan Daniel Cole, 23, of Homewood and Augusta Leigh Clark, 22, of Birmingham.

-Regan David Reid, 37, of Helena and Tracy Noelle Todd, 38, of Helena.

-Ramsey Howland White, 22, of Birmingham and Kendall Kate Loyd, 22, of Birmingham.

-Thomas Michael McInerney, 47, of Columbiana and Amanda K. Odgers, 48, of Columbiana.

-Jonathan Joel Harris, 37, of Birmingham and Sarah Beth Jackson, 23, of Birmingham.

-Richard Vance Craig, 26, of Shelby and Cassandra Rose Bruce, 21, of Shelby.

-Desmond Terrell Horn, 31, of Montevallo and Latonya Michelle Conwell, 32, of Montevallo.

-John Emmett Hillhouse, 30, of Birmingham and April Evette Baughman, 25, of Richland, Miss.

-Alan E. Schwab, 62, of New York, N.Y., and Shu Whau Amy Chen, 53, of Birmingham.

-Frederick Travis Bisch, 23, of Lacey, Wash., and Anna Elizabeth Turner, 22, of Pelham.

-Johnny Lowell Wills Jr., 30, of Vincent and Melissa Nicole Martin, 29, of Vincent.

-Andres Martin Lopez-Delgado, 22, of Plainsboro, N.J., and Veronica Rachelle Ciniglio, 22, of Plainsboro, N.J.

-Billy Michael Smith, 60, of Harpersville and Nancy Fields Sherrell, 56, of Harpersville.

-Robert Michael Montiel, 62, of Birmingham and Antoinette Maggiore Bonilla, 59, of Birmingham.

-Theodore Duke Harmon, 20, of Harpersville and Raven Mariah Butler, 22, of Harpersville.

-Edward Robert Brown Jr., 20, of Columbiana and Megan Marie Bishop, 19, of Columbiana.

-James Thomas Cook, 29, of Montevallo and Dalila Fatin Binti Bujang, 26, of Montevallo.

-Dinh Kim Nguyen, 59, of Birmingham and Bong Thi Nguyen, 65, of Birmingham.

-Warren Ken Patterson, 65, of Wilsonville and Judy Diane Davis, 46, of Wilsonville.

-Gerold Lynn Harbin Jr., 28, of Mobile and Stephanie Ann Calvin, 28, of Calera.

-Keith Oliver Shimel Jr., 47, of Helena and Heather Martin Adams, 40, of Helena.

-Wesley Ray Tidwell, 21, of Columbiana and Michael Tyler Martin, 18, of Columbiana.

-Claudio Mercado-Arellano, 30, of Calera and Carina Mendoza-Pineda, 29, of Calera.

-Thomas Bradshaw Neel, 22, of Birmingham and Taylor Marie Black, 20, of Alabaster.

-Anthony Carl Booker, 53, of Maylene and Sherri Hug Underwood, 51, of Pelham.

-Matthew Bruce Herndon, 39, of Chelsea and Mellisa Jennifer Harman-Hensler, 37, of Brookdale, Calif.

-William Mark McKinley, 25, of Birmingham and Elizabeth Ann White, 23, of Birmingham.

-Bradley James McIntosh, 33, of Alabaster and Diana Marie Sprayberry, 32, of Alabaster.

-Grant Christopher Urbanski, 28, of Pelham and Faith Terez Gregory, 26, of Pelham.

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