School system plan must continue

Published 10:39am Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Editor,

I am so thankful for the Pelham City Council for standing strong on the issue of forming our own city school system.

I am equally grateful to those who spoke on behalf of growing our community and improving our school system for a much, much better tomorrow and a prettier, much more appealing Highway 31. I respect those who believe we should start by cleaning up 31.

I just don’t understand how you expect that to happen without adequate resources. Those resources come from pulling in families with disposable income. Families who want their children in the best schools. It’s how greatness is built. You build it through education. 
Many of us sincerely believe the time is now, or never. Those of you who are against the risk should consider this: Remember little old Hoover before it was Hoover?

The reward will be far greater than the risk. I see it more of a risk if we don’t do it now. What happens to those of us who see the failure of our schools to compete with surrounding schools, as the final straw?

Personally, I don’t want to stick around to watch a mayor, voted in by the skin of his teeth — my vote not included — cause us to fall. We can’t afford to lose the value of our homes; we can’t afford to invest in endeavors in our community without the encouragement and support of its leaders to stake our claim to the rights, to the success of our children and future generations. 
I believe we must build it now. Before the opportunity escapes us and we are swallowed by those more willing to take the risk. They surround us. If this fails, then what?

Christine Poynter


  • tractortime

    Really? Skin of his teeth? If I remember correctly there was no run off for mayor last year. Mayor Waters received almost twice the votes of his next opponent. I wouldn’t call that skin of his teeth. Now back to the subject at hand. I’m about fed up with people talking down to people because they have a different opinion. Just because someone doesn’t think like you doesn’t mean they are wrong. Something mayor waters elegantly spoke of during Mondays council meeting. Mayor Waters has some very good points, and believe it he has supporters. Mr Hayes, former and current is just better at the propaganda and getting their supporters to the meetings. I’m sure this will get rammed through, but we should beware. One of the richest school systems in the state ( Hoover ) just cut services because of cash flow problems. Pelham has no where near the tax base. We should continue to study this, but lets not be hasty. Lets do our homework and let’s do what’s best for the health of the city as a whole.

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