The MasTec company is preparing to move into the former Stacks Furniture building in Pelham. (File)
The MasTec company is preparing to move into the former Stacks Furniture building in Pelham. (File)

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Company moving into former Stacks Furniture building in Pelham

Published 3:49pm Wednesday, July 17, 2013

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

A telecommunications company is planning to consolidate several of its current locations into the former Stacks Furniture building on U.S. 31 in Pelham.

The MasTec engineering firm, which constructs technology infrastructure such as cell phone towers, is planning to initially lease about 40,000-square-feet of the former Stacks Furniture building.

MasTec is planning to employ about 100 people when it opens in Pelham, and could eventually employ as many as 200, according to Pelham Mayor Gary Waters.

“We jumped through a few minor zoning issues, and they came and pulled their permit (to make upgrades to the property) today,” Waters said during a July 15 City Council work session. “They are wanting to move all of their fragmented operations to a single location in Pelham.

“This is a national company,” Waters added.

MasTec currently operates four offices in Pelham, all of which will be consolidated at the former Stacks building.

The former Stacks Furniture building has been vacant since the furniture store closed its doors in early 2012. Before Stacks occupied the building in August 2010, the former Walmart building sat vacant for several years.

Former Pelham City Council member Bill Meadows played a major role in drawing MasTec to Pelham, Waters said.

“I got a call from former councilman Bill Meadows, who was at a convention in San Diego,” Waters said. “He said ‘If you’ll call this company, I’ve got someone interested in the old Stacks building.’

“I think that speaks to his character,” Waters said of Meadows. “He didn’t have to do that. He’s not in office anymore, but he’s still looking out for the city.”



    I Hope you read this when you were calling Mr Meadows and Mayor Murphy name and saying how bad they were I told you then they tryed hard for Pelham
    # 1 Trailer park its making money and will be payed off in 4 years
    # 2 Moore and Handley deal is going throw
    # 3 Mr meadow 200 jobs large building will be sold or leased All IM trying to say ther is good in all GOD CHILDREN ((( THANKS MAYOR WATERS THAT WAS FIRST CLASS ))

  • David Ladewig

    Dear Citizens,

    As a resident of Pelham, I would like to thank my friend, Bill Meadows, for using his great personal skills to bring the largest non retail company to Pelham in our history. Over 200 high paying jobs is a new horizon for Pelham. During Bill Meadow’s term, he was always working to make Pelham better for the citizens of the city. Even in the face of negativity from many, Bill allowed the dream to live, develop, and prosper. This is not luck, or a miracle, or a one in a million shot, but a process that is ongoing for those of us who know what really works in business recruiting. Once again, thank you.

    I would also like to congratulate Mayor Waters for taking the ball and doing exactly what was needed to make this happen. He was smart in not wasting time with a million meetings and countless hours of delay. It is not amazing to marketing people how much can get done when a proper process and course is followed to a conclusion. Thank you Mayor Waters for you prompt action.

    Overall, the citizens of Pelham owe these men a hearty thank you for bringing this valuable company to Pelham


    David Ladewig

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