Firearms are prohibited in several city facilities, as the result of a resolution passed by the City Council on Sept. 16. (File)
Firearms are prohibited in several city facilities, as the result of a resolution passed by the City Council on Sept. 16. (File)

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Alabaster prohibits firearms in certain city buildings

Published 2:01pm Tuesday, September 17, 2013

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

The open carry of firearms in Alabaster is legal, but guns are still prohibited in certain city buildings, the Alabaster City Council announced on Sept. 16.

During the meeting, the council approved a pair of firearms-related items striking down a previous gun law and laying out areas where firearms are prohibited.

Alabama’s recently enacted gun law allows residents to openly carry their firearms on their person and store unloaded weapons in their vehicles without a permit.

During its Sept. 16 meeting, the City Council struck down a previous Alabaster ordinance outlawing the open carry of firearms in the city, as the state law nullified the city law.

“The state law made it real clear that cities and municipalities have no control over the firearms laws,” said Ward 5 Councilman Russell Bedsole.

The council also passed a resolution banning firearms in several city facilities “with the exception of federal, state and local law enforcement personnel while acting in their official capacity,” according to the resolution.

Firearms are prohibited in the following areas:

-Inside the Alabaster Police Department and jail

-Inside the Alabaster Municipal Courtroom while court is in session

-Inside the City Council chambers and council meeting rooms while a council meeting is in session

-Inside portions of Alabaster City Hall requiring key card access

Areas of the city where firearms are prohibited will be marked with a sign reading “Firearms prohibited past this point,” according to the resolution.


  • majstoll

    Um, sorry Alabaster, SB 286 forbids localities from banning gun carry anywhere, including city hall:

    “The Legislature hereby occupies and preempts the entire field of regulation in this state touching in any way upon firearms,ammunition, and firearm accessories to the complete exclusion of any order, ordinance, or rule promulgated or enforced by any political subdivision of this state. (d) The authority of a political subdivision to regulate firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories shall not be inferred from its proprietary authority, home rule status, or any other inherent or general power.
    (e) Any existing orders, ordinances, or rules
    promulgated or enforced contrary to the terms of this section are null and void and any future order, ordinance, or rules shall comply with this section.” The statute goes on to provide for lawsuit against localities to enforce the preemption statute, and provide for attorney fees and other costs.

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