The Pelham City Council voted to accept the donation of currently vacant land off Bearden Road during its Nov. 4 meeting. (Contributed)
The Pelham City Council voted to accept the donation of currently vacant land off Bearden Road during its Nov. 4 meeting. (Contributed)

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Company donates two pieces of land to Pelham

Published 10:21am Tuesday, November 5, 2013

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

Pelham leaders said they plan to use two pieces of currently vacant property donated to the city by Office Park Partners, LLC for possible future development off Bearden Road near Pelham City Park.

During its Nov. 4 meeting, the City Council voted unanimously to accept two parcels of land totaling about 8 acres off Bearden Road. According to Shelby County property records, the total value of the two parcels is about $335,800.

One parcel of land follows the southern boundary of Buck Creek across the creek from a cul-de-sac on Indian Creek Drive. The land stretches behind a commercial development off Business Circle.

The second, smaller parcel fronts Bearden Road directly across from the entrance to Pelham City Park, and contains land on both sides of Buck Creek.

The donated land connects with an about 9-acre parcel of land the city already owns behind the Chase Creek subdivision, said City Council President Rick Hayes.

“This gives us the opportunity to do something interesting down the line,” Hayes said during the council’s pre-meeting work session, noting the city has no immediate plans to develop the property.

Councilwoman Karyl Rice said the donated property used to house a church camp and a swimming hole.

“All the buildings are gone, but the swimming hole is still there,” said Mayor Gary Waters.


    If you lived in Pelham from the 1930 its always been call Bishop Creek its was our Y M C A HA HA no joke its was our swimming and pick nix place we went on Sunday. Sometime it would be so full you couldn’t get arond the place THAT WAS THE GOOD OLD DAYS

  • David Ladewig

    As a former park board member, we proposed and built the first part of a walking trail in the park. It is only a half mile, but used daily. The plan was to extend the trails past Bella Vista and across Bearden Road and try to implement a private/city partnership to gain access to Bishop/Little Cahaba Creek all the way to the entry point at Buck Creek which is further south and north past Chandalar. The walking trail along this area will allow people to see wildlife most residents don’t know live in Pelham. Hawks, Otters, Herons, Raccoons, and Red Eye Bass (rarely seen anywhere but here). Another idea that would make Bishop/Little Cahaba Creek even more recreational would be a canoe launch at the city park. When the levels are just right, you can canoe from the park all the way to Buck Creek and then on to the dam at Helena. (Get out just before you get there). That is a stunning river trip. Walking all the way to Buck Creek would also be spectacular.

    I don’t know why the creek has two names, but it does. It depends on which map maker you are using. Spring and Fall are the best weather times to be on the creek or on the city park walking trail, but the summer is when you see all the wildlife. Try a walk and see what you find.

    David Ladewig

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