Marriages for the week of Nov. 6, 2013

Published 2:34pm Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County Oct. 22-28, 2013:


-James Earl Morris, 40, of Wilsonville and Jamie Lynn Hutchison, 31, of Wilsonville.

-Daniel Lynn Edwards, 23, of Wilsonville and Andrea Danielle Walton, 21, of Wilsonville.

-William M. Njogu, 59, of Maylene and Grace W. Mwai, 54, of Maylene.

-Benjamin Oliver Kingsley, 34, of Birmingham and Brittany Lauren Jones, 27, of Birmingham.

-Ronald James Stromeyer II, 30, of Pelham and Lauren Elizabeth Spink, 26, of Pelham.

-Stephen Christopher Caiola, 30, of Pelham and Lauren Elizabeth Bicker, 31, of Pelham.

-Timothy Wayne Hayes, 55, of Birmingham and Pamela Harris Henderson, 46, of Birmingham.

-Brian Craig Stumphf, 33, of Minneapolis, Minn., and Lisa Marie McCoy, 29, of Minneapolis, Minn.

-Benjamin Corey Moe, 23, of Birmingham and Lauren Ashley Rowland, 20, of Helena.

-Dylan Drew Myrick, 33, of Birmingham and Alexandria Ligh Badali, 24, of Birmingham.

-Kevin Dewey Strohmeier, 18, of Alabaster and Yolanda Guadalupe Martinez, 17, of Montevallo.

-Keith Roger Bond, 43, of Birmingham and Jessica Leanne Reeves, 27, of Birmingham.

-Vuong Quoc Pham, 22, of Birmingham and Lien Thi Anh Tran, 21, of Birmingham.

-Phillip Haynes Holsomback, 43, of Birmingham and Jennifer Hipp Lehman, 37, of Birmingham.

-Peter Joseph Voizin, 31, of Alabaster and Stacey Marie Childers, 33, of Alabaster.

-Brandon Tyler Odom, 25, of Calera and Brandy Nicole Rushing, 22, of Calera.

-Chase Hansel Myles, 26, of Madison and Jessica Ann Henderson, 25, of Madison.

-George Joseph Smith, 83, of Pelham and Marie Rosique Trenda, 81, of Pelham.

-W. Thomas Andrew McMillan, 25, of McDonough, Ga., and Jessica Rose Griffin, 25, of Alabaster.

-Ted Howard Ragland, 38, of Pelham and Bonnie Johnnelle Moore, 32, of Pelham.

-William L. Johnson, 50, of Shelby and Patricia A. Elliott, 52, of Shelby.

-Trenton Steed Hodges, 25, of Pelham and Naomi Magdalane Davis, 24, of Pelham.

-Jamichael Kelly Nelson, 33, of Birmingham and Jannette L. Fleming, 37, of Birmingham.

-Romero Marlon Gabriel Martinez, 29, of Birmingham and Carmen Michell Guerra, 36, of Birmingham.

-Justin O’Neal Fowler, 22, of Maylene and Amanda Faye Byford, 24, of Montevallo.

-John Warren Wise, 46, of Chelsea and Jennifer Bayless, 43, of Chelsea.

-James Kelly Boots, 26, of Birmingham and Salem Elan Currier, 28, of Birmingham.

-William Douglas Robertson III, 32, of Homewood and Diana Gail Jacob, 30, of Homewood.

-Jorge Alberto Chavero, 27, of Helena and Marisol Garcia, 25, of Helena.

-Austin Gordon Thames, 24, of Birmingham and Emilie Beth Mosley, 25, of Birmingham.

-Eric Lance McCain, 26, of Sterrett and Brittany Nicole Rice, 25, of Chelsea.


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