Affordable Care Act a misnomer

Published 11:15am Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dear Editor,

I saw a post yesterday from someone about them trying to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. It said how much the premium was and how much the deductible was, which was outrageous. The post then told what happened after she opted out. The letter she received said she would lose her driver’s license, be fined more than $4,000, have her income tax refund taken and a tax lien put on her house.

My problem with this is that 48 percent of Americans do not pay income tax, which probably means they don’t have a home, so who is going to pay for their healthcare? The income-tax-paying home-owning citizens, right? Like me and my husband.

How is it better for us? Many of us are going to be changed to a new plan if our current plan doesn’t meet the Obamacare rules, which means we will probably have a much higher premium and an even higher deductible.

How is this better for most working people? Sure, we can all get coverage but most can’t afford it. But if we don’t they will take my refund and maybe my house!

Thanks a lot, President Obama, and whoever is voting for this so-called better option.

Donna Thompson


  • Svengali

    For those who want the truth about the post the author of this letter saw:

    The author of this letter is basing their opinion of the ACA on blatant lies.

    If Obamacare is really so bad then why the need to spread lies about it?

    (I will continue to post this comment until it is approved. People deserve to know the truth.)

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