Blondie and Joseph ready for a home

Published 10:54am Monday, December 16, 2013

Meet Joseph and Blondie.

All December long Shelby Humane Society has $25 adoption fees on all adoptable pets to help place more of our community’s homeless pets into loving homes. Meet two of the many special pets needing your help.

Joseph (contributed)
Joseph (contributed)

Joseph is the perfect dose of cuteness you were looking for. This 2-month-old hound mix pup is expected to grow into a medium/large handsome adult. The charms of adopting one this young is watching that amazing process as he adapts into your family. The challenges include house training and basic training—the things that will help mold him into a smart, loyal family member.

Blondie (contributed)
Blondie (contributed)

Blondie is a sassy 2-year-old, short-haired cat yearning to find her purr-fect match. She has big, dazzling eyes and unique coloring across her coat. She, like many cats, likes to decide how things should go—when to pet her, snuggle with her, feed her, give her alone time, etc. Once Blondie has you trained, she will be faithful to a fault. As you know, a perfectly trained human is hard to come by.

For more information, contact an adoption counselor by email or call 205-669-3916 ext. 2005. To see the adoptable cats and dogs at Shelby Humane Society, visit Tuesday through Saturday from 12-5:30 p.m. You can also follow SHS on Facebook and at

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