Maurice Mercer, city council member, sees great things for the future of Pelham. (contributed)
Maurice Mercer, city council member, sees great things for the future of Pelham. (contributed)

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Pelham city council member Mercer shares 2014 focus

Published 4:37pm Monday, January 13, 2014

By DONNA CAMPBELL/Community columnist

With a new year comes a renewed energy to achieve great things and continue positive efforts. That’s the motto Pelham city council member Maurice Mercer shared in a recent conversation.

“As a council, we will be continuing efforts to complete marketing initiatives that were started in 2013,” said Mercer. “We’d like to see an increase in the usage of the Pelham Civic Center and Ice Arena for events catering to Pelham residents and those in the surrounding areas; we need to continue to showcase the versatility of the facility.”

Mercer shared the council’s mission to make Pelham a destination city for businesses and families.

“By partnering with the residents of Pelham, the city council can make improvements that benefit a diverse business atmosphere and provide the needed amenities for families of all sizes and ages,” said Mercer.

With an understanding of Pelham’s populace, Mercer’s focus is centered on the Pelham Public Library and Pelham Senior Center.

“The library is more than just a place to read a book,” said Mercer, “it’s a place to use as a resource for college prep classes, a venue for wellness and health classes, a place where residents can better themselves and socialize. It’s the same philosophy for the Pelham Senior Center. The senior center is a hub of activity for our seasoned residents to enjoy the company of other seniors and engage in a variety of activities designed to stimulate the mind and body. Both the library and senior center have more to offer, and we as a council need to be proactive in marketing upcoming events.”

When asked about how to engage Pelham residents to have a say in their community, Mercer smiled: “The city council will continue its town hall meetings for residents to share concerns and ask questions. Residents are welcome to attend council meetings and be heard. We want Pelham residents to know we represent them and welcome an open dialogue to do great things to keep Pelham moving forward.”

Donna Campbell is a community columnist for the city of Pelham and can be reached at

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