Tan Zone district manager Melanie Douglas and the Red Light skin rejuvenation bed. (contributed)
Tan Zone district manager Melanie Douglas and the Red Light skin rejuvenation bed. (contributed)

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Business offers Red Light skin rejuvenation

Published 3:03pm Monday, January 20, 2014

By DONNA CAMPBELL / Community columnist

While the fountain of youth does not exist, there are treatments geared towards anti-aging. One technology that has increased in popularity is Red Light, which was developed by NASA in the 90s.

During shuttle missions, astronauts experimented with an effective way to cultivate plant life in space. They monitored the effects of Red Light on plants and noticed enhanced cell regeneration, which caught the attention of the skin care industry.

If you Google dermatologists in your area, you’ll notice websites highlighting laser treatments and light therapy to improve and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and erase the sun’s damage. The FDA also recognizes the restorative healing benefits of Red Light as a non-invasive anti-aging alternative with no negative side effects.

Tan Zone offer Red Light in the Pelham community. The business is located in the retail shops behind Regions at the corner of Hwy 119 and Pelham Parkway, just down the sidewalk from Gold’s Gym.

“Tan Zone has been in this location for more than eight years,” said Melanie Douglas, Tan Zone district manager. “We have a full body Red Light skin rejuvenation bed and the customers’ reviews have been positive.”

What is Red Light? According to Web MD, it is infrared light with a longer wave length of 633 nanometers that contains no UVA or UVB light. The Red Light penetrates the skin without damaging the tissue and helps speed up the natural process of skin renewal, promoting collagen growth. Collagen is part of the skin’s structural foundation. With enhanced collagen growth, wrinkles and fine lines are less noticeable.

“Our customers have noticed other healing benefits from Red Light, including relief from pain, overall improved skin appearance, diminished scars and stretch marks, and has helped with acne and rosacea,” Douglas said.


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