Land transactions for the week of Jan. 22, 2014

Published 8:27am Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Jan. 2-6, 2014:


Jan. 2

-Jason and Natalie C. Gowen to James Russell Sapp for $140,000 for Lot 37 of Cross Creek Final Plat.

-Richard J. Sr. and Marie C. Gage to Daniel G. and Sharon Poset for $224,000 for Lot 717 of Grande View Estates Givianpour Addition to Alabaster 7th Addition.

-Larry E. and Jane F. Shaddix to Ryan Michael and Angela Y. Jones for $180,000 for Lot 14 of Brynleigh Estates.

-First United Security Bank to John Irby for $22,000 for property.

-Sylvia Johnson to John Kevin and Fione Ewing and Christopher John Alexander Ewing for $115,000 for Lot 41 Sommersby Townhomes.

-Samuel Earl Niven Jr. and Samuel Earl Jr. and Gay Niven for $102,200 for Lot 87 of Lime Creek at Chelsea Preserve Sector II Final Plat.

-James A. Matthews III, personal representative, John A. Matthews, estate, and Fariba Moeinpour Lawsen for $162,000 for Lot 2 of Aaron Parc.

-Christine P. Bearden to Cody Osmer for $126,000 for Lot 83 of Daventry Sector II Phase II.

-Kenneth K. Jr. and Jessica Jill Davenport to Ye Li and Lilin Yin for $133,000 for Lot 68 of High Ridge Village Phase IV Resurvey of Final Plat.

-Wells Fargo Bank to Rhonda S. and Edward L. Johnson for $98,000 for Lot 28 of Savannah Pointe Sector IX Amended Map.

-Agnes W. Hicks to Agnes W. Hicks and Diana Hicks Turner for $93,700 for Lot 58 of Village at Brook Highland.

-Heritage of the South to North Shelby Baptist Church of Alabama Inc. for $400,000 for property.

-Fannie Mae to Samuel and Kristina Wilson Kubala for $184,900 for Lot 22 of Chesser Plantation Phase I Sector II.

-Louis H. and Linda F. Rowe to Louis H. Rowe for $20,000 for Lot 67 of Kinsale Gardens Home 1st Sector.

-Joshua Stuart Davis and Amanda Smith to Lashonta W. Sherman for $155,000 for Lot 83 of St Charles Place Phase II Sector VI.

-Patricia A. Howard to Larry J. Jr. and Leigh P. Pittman for $165,000 for property.

-Fannie Mae to Jason A. Stoves for $134,500 for Lot 11 of Kerry Downs.

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jeffery C. and Diana L. Harrison for $205,000 for Lot 1 of Goodwins Subdivision.

-Lawrence D. and Allison N. Shirley to RBLIV Capital Management LLC for $95,000 for Lot 1 of Fox Haven First Sector Amended Map.

-D. R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Christopher and Laura Morgan for $245,000 for Lot 188 of Reserve at Timberline Phase II.

-James J. Stearns, co-trustee, James John Stears, co-trustee, Jack Stearns, co-trustee, Edna H. Stearns, co-trustee, and Jack and Edna Stearns 2004 Family Trust to James J. Stearns, trustee, Jack Stearns, Edna Stearns, trustee, Pamela Beth Stearns Heisler Family Irrevocable Dynasty Trust, Hartt Jason Stearns Irrevocable Trust, Heather Shawn Stearns Irrevocable Trust and Guy David Stearns Family Irrevocable Dynasty Trust for $1,412,260 for Lots 1 and 2 of Carmax Auto Super Store and property.

-Andrew J. Craft to Gary J. and April W. Jackson for $393,500 for Lot 29 of River Highlands Resurvey of Lots 29 and 30.

-U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, Bank of America, LaSalle Bank, trustee, and Merrill Lynch First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust to Brenda S. and Jerry T. Coss for $122,192 for Lot 8 of High Ridge Village Phase I.

-Regions Bank to Steven D. Jordan for $213,959 for Lot 56 of Southlake Cove Section 20.

-Richard K. and Kathleen A. Gilpin to Bond & Harkins Properties LLC for $120,000 for Lot 11 of Brookhollow First Sector.

-Robert M. and Barbara McNorton Neel to Patrick and Danielle Deavours for $162,000 for Lot 13 of Aaron Parc.

-Beth N. Smith to Anthony Mugwira and Faith W. Ndungu for $128,000 for Lot 2 of Tocoa Parc Phase I.

-Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $112,592 for property.

-Fannie Mae to Juana M. Loredo Vazquez and Jose Mario Rangel Hernandez for $53,900 for Lot 24 of Willow Glen.

-Southlake Park Partners LLC to Marty Byrom LLC for $282,000 for Lot 150 of Southlake Park A Condominium.

-An N Nguyen and Bich N Dai to Matthew Brewer and Leslie Elise Graham for $165,000 for Lot 2 of Selkirk Phase IV A Subdivision of Inverness.

-Francis Robert and Gwendolyn C. Honaker and Cheryl H. Byars to Cheryl H. Byars, trustee, and Honaker Property Trust for $178,900 for Lot 46 of Courtside at Brook Highland A Condominium.

-Glenis H. Baumgartner to William Kyle and Whitney Burch Mullins for $73,000 for lot 3 of Arden Subdivision to the Town of Montevallo.

-Gordon Timberland LTD to Westervelt Investments Realty Inc. for $200,000 for Lots 1, 2 and 3 of Calerian Farms and property.

-Victoria L. Calender to Kevin D. and Bridget Mauffray of $114,900 for Lot 15 of Savannah Pointe Sector IX Amended Map.

-Charlotte Fay Payne, personal representative, and William M. Dennis, estate, to Juro Sunde for $117,000 for Lot 269 of Cedar Grove at Sterling Gate Sector II Phase VI.


Jan. 3

-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel Lunsford for $36,000 for property.

-Gail Gallups to Andrew Earl Porter Cole Tyson and Ashley B. Cole Tyson for $19,000 for property.

-Brook Highland Construction LLC to Andrzej J. and Danuta B. Wartak for $292,400 for Lot 55 of Hills at Brookhighland.

-Melissa Williamon to Casey W. and Alexandra L. Smith for $139,000 for Lot 596 of Forest Lakes Sector 11.

-NSH Corp. to Timothy B. and Tammy Alexander for $309,896 for Lot 47 of Village at Highland Lakes Kelham Grove Neighborhood.

-Stone Martin Builders LLC to Michael and Ratonya Mosley for $330,000 for Lot 1206 of Manors of Ballantrae Club Drive Final Plat.

-NSH Corp. to Julia H. Martin for $460,400 for Lot 2029 of Glen Iris at Kilkeran Phase I.

-Ryan and Heather Ammer Hartfield to Donovan Builders LLC for $75,100 for property.

-Andrew Ray and Margaret Searcy Alford to David E. and Lori S. McCrary for $75,000 for Lot 1 of Ruby Websters One Lot Subdivision.

-Randy L. and Evelyn A. Osborne to Gregory J. Griffin for $162,000 for Lot 18 of Dearing Downs Third Addition.

-Stacey Waites to Alitta L. Robinson for $104,900 for Lot 505 of Weatherly Aberdeed Sector 18.

-Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Francis Richard Drovie III for $101,916 for Lot 8 of George F. Peters Map and property.

-Thomas F. and Rhonda Fox to Allyson Ryne Prothro for $220,000 for Lot 38 of Dearing Downs 11th Addition.

-Larry D. and Mary E. Turner to Household Finance Corporation of Alabama for $150,302 for Lot 326 of Old Cahaba Oak Ridge Sector First Addition.

-Eugene E. Jr. and Villeta M. Linton to Seth F. and Ashley J. Bennett for $344,000 for Lot 17 of Rushing Parc Sector 1.

-David F. and Christie H. Wilson to William and Kimberly Shimer for $360,000 for Lot 1008 of Highland Lakes 10th Sector Phase I.

-Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, and Indymac Incs Mortgage Loan Trust 2005 AR 13 to Robert D. and Michelle P. Redmond for $246,522 for Lot 122 of Lake wood Phase I Final Plat.

-Allen M. and Tracy L. Spradling to Michael Jason and Marsha Ann Hall for $269,000 for Lot 430 of Riverchase Country Club 11th Addition Phase II.

-Elwyn and Debby Bearden to To All Nations LLC for $85,000 for property.

-Khosrow Nasser to Jason Wayne and Brandi Buffkin McManus for $395,000 for Lot 805 of Brook Highland 8th Sector 1st Phase.

-Embassy Homes LLC to Connie Mikkelsen for $164,900 for Lot 6-61 of Chelsea Park Sixth Sector Sixth Addition.

-Jason and Brandi McManus to Frederick Dirk and Anne T. Hendon for $268,000 for Lot 4 and 5 of Lincoln Park.

-Kerry Brian Ingram and Dana Johnson to Geralyn C. Murphree for $97,500 for Lot 49 of Hidden Creek II Second Sector.

-Park Homes LLC to Meta Woods Eatman for $196,400 for Lot 7-257 of Chelsea Park 7th Sector First Addition.

-Natural Resource Development LLC to Fowl Play Inc. for $305,000 for Lot 6 of Village at Lee Branch Sector I Phase II a Resubdivision of Lot 5A.

-Courtside Development Inc. to Dennis N. and Faye T. Wilson for $417,567 for Lot 2 of Brook Highland 26th Sector.

-Highland Lakes Community Inc. to Katherine Makaita Takundwa for $137,500 for Lot 5 of Highland Lakes 1st Sector Phase V Resurvey.

-Amanda R. Andrews to Kathleen A. Smith for $182,500 for Lot 1002 of Lofts at Edenton a Condominium Third Amended Plat.

-Thornton Custom Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Roger G. and Elizabeth E. Clarke for $499,900 for Lot 6 of Heatherwood Fifth Sector Amended Plat.

-John B. Jr. and Nancy K. Adrian to C. Randall and Tammy F. Williams for $214,500 for property.

-John D. and Regina Seay to Linda C. Whitehead for $330,000 for Lot 116 of Arbor Hill Phase IV Final Plat.

-Jared A. and Stacie M. Rohn to Edwin L. and Bertice A. Brown for $252,000 for Lot 810 of Riverchase Country Club Fifteenth Addition.

-H&S Property Holdings LLC to Stacye H. and Michael J. Seremet for $200,000 for Lot 2 of Kerry Downs A Subdivision of Inverness.

-William H. and Linda C. Whitehead to Jing Wang for $650,000 for Lot 39 of Greystone 5th Sector Phase I.

-Rodney D. and Cynthia R. White to Richard L. and Nancy C. Norred for $369,000 for Lot 213 of Lakewood Phase II.

-Muttasem Al Hunaidi and Eman Aburayyan to Tanya Clemon for $348,700 for Lot 730 of Highland Lakes Seventh Sector.

-James W. Wright to Susan L. Wright for $81,000 for property.

-FHL Manufactured Homes LLC to Katelin Michelle Minor and Grant Koby Dunham for $87,000 for property.

Jan. 6

-Gregory R. and Ann M. Giles to Brook Valley Farms LLC for $600,000 for property.

-Citimortgage Inc. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $107,839 for Lot 135 of Cottages at Stonehaven Third Addition.

-Charles F. and Lindsey Rousseau to JPMorgan Chase Bank for $107,239 of Lot 89 of Meriweather Sector Three Final Plat.

-Kelly D. Sims, Robert Allen Sims Jr. and Joseph A. Doyle to Kelly D> Sims and Robert Allen Sims Jr. for $65,700 for lot 421 of Forest Lakes.

-Holly and Charles Pennington to Hector Edmundo Ramos Gomez for $39,000 for property.

-James J. and Amy C. Jackson to Samuel A. Catalino for $270,000 for Lot 2569 of Highland Lakes 25th Sector Phase II.

-Ryan Lehman to Horace Linwood Jones for $197,000 for Lot 607 of Lofts at Edenton A Condominium Fifth Amended Plat.

-Adams Homes LLC to Joshua and Ashlee Brooke Elliott for $156,995 for Lot 21 of Stoney Meadows Phase I.

-Joy S. Jennings to George S. and Christine S. Moore for $511,900 for Lot 1175 of Brook Highlands 11th Sector Phase II Resurvey of Lots 1175 and 1176.

-James F. Dillard to Heath and Patti Smith for $46,000 for property.

-Robert A. and Victoria W. Lewis to Charles and Charlotte Burkhardt for $425,000 for Lot 46 of Windchase Givianpours Addition to Meadow Brook.

-William B. Cashion to Preach the Gospel Inc. for $1,065,000 for property.

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