Pelham councilwoman Beth McMillan. (contributed)
Pelham councilwoman Beth McMillan. (contributed)

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Fiscal responsibility guides Pelham councilwoman McMillan

Published 3:39pm Monday, January 27, 2014

By DONNA CAMPBELL / Community columnist

When it comes to city politics, Pelham councilwoman Beth McMillan takes a balanced approach to ensure fair dealings.

“The foundation of a city centers on sound leadership and forward-thinking endeavors,” McMillan said. “Pelham’s city council, mayor, and city employees share that vision.”

As 2013 came to a close, Pelham celebrated the creation of a city school system and its newly elected board members; vacant buildings were revitalized to house corporate entities, such as Summer Classics, MasTec, and Mi Pueblo; and community functions like Pelhambration and Taste of Pelham were remembered.

“Pelham’s positive outlook and current standing is based on fiscal responsibility. The council has a workable budget and areas of service that did not receive attention in the past have been addressed, McMillan said. “We are looking forward to identifying additional retail storefronts to occupy the main drive through Pelham on Hwy 31, and new areas for development on the other side of I-65 down County Road 52 towards County Road 11 are on the horizon.”

The diversity of the Pelham city council is seen as a driving force for bringing new life to the area.

“The council tackled head-on the issues that were on the table when we took office,” McMillan said. “It’s a diverse council that works well together by bringing different viewpoints to light for discussion. We all have a vested interest in the city where we live, play, and go about our daily lives.”

McMillan said she’s looking forward to sharing Pelham’s success with others.

“Pelham is a hidden gem and with continued efforts to do right by the residents and businesses, we’ll make our city stronger and more resilient,” McMillan said.

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