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Montevallo Junior Council headed to Washington D.C.

Published 2:08pm Friday, February 7, 2014

By GINNY COOPER/ Staff writer

MONTEVALLO—In April, the Montevallo Junior Council will give a presentation on their program and accomplishments at the National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington D.C.

Montevallo’s Junior Council is comprised of eight middle and high school students who decided to make a positive impact on the community. The students first began working together in May 2013, but they have already completed several projects.

First, the students met with members of the Shelby County School Board and school administration from both the middle and high school. The students sat in the council chambers with the administrator in the audience. During the meeting, the students presented what was strong and what needed improvement at the school.

Next, the students raised $800 for new helmets for the middle school baseball team. The Junior Council is currently working to create a community center for younger community members to have a place to gather.

Montevallo Mayor Hollie Cost said the Junior Council is a huge asset to the community.

“You can see a community get excited when kids get involved,” Cost said. “This way, we get a lot more support from a broader range of the community.”

The Montevallo Junior Council meets every Friday at 3 p.m., and the students are “diligent” about their meeting times said Cost, sometimes meeting even when school and other activities have been canceled.

“These are really cool, amazing kids,” Cost said.

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