Looking for love at Shelby Humane Society

Published 4:35pm Monday, February 10, 2014


TJ (contributed)
TJ (contributed)

TJ is a handsome 2-year-old lab/bulldog mix, weighing 67lbs. This big, goofy guy has become a staff and volunteer favorite with his fun-loving antics and adventuresome attitude. And after 5 long months at the shelter, it is important to us all that he finds his forever family and gets the daily love and attention he deserves. TJ knows how to sit, plays well with others his size, loves the water, and really loves tug-of-war. Come meet this handsome fellow and let him tug at your heart-strings until you are convinced you need to take him home. If you are not ready for a permanent new furry family member, consider taking him into your home for a short-term vacation away from the shelter. You could be the one who helps this long-timer find his perfect match.

Frisky (contributed)
Frisky (contributed)

Frisky lost his person very suddenly three years ago. Up until that time he had the constant companionship of a sweet soul—he in turn became a sweet soul. Upon hearing his name he would run to her and curl into her lap. He was a happy, happy cat. When he lost his person he joined a multi-cat family. At nearly thirteen years of age, he decided he had little tolerance for other cats—he likes being an only child and the sole owner of your attention. He began marking in the house. The family has had the vet rule out any medical issues—he has a clean bill of health and as you can see in his picture he looks younger than his years. They tried different medications to reduce anxiety, but he was not tolerant of taking the medicine. So we are on the search for what this great cat needs: a single cat home and a person to fall in love with.

For more information on these two pets, contact an adoption counselor by email mwayman@shelbyhumane.org or call 205-669-3916. And be sure to come out and see us at our Mega-Adoption Event under the tent at Petsmart in Alabaster, February 14-16. For more details follow SHS on Facebook and at www.shelbyhumane.org.

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