Victory Buick GMC in Calera is "changing the focus of the business," according to owner Warren Bailey.
Victory Buick GMC in Calera is "changing the focus of the business," according to owner Warren Bailey.

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Victory Buick GMC in Calera ‘changing the focus’

Published 4:37pm Thursday, February 20, 2014

By GINNY COOPER / Staff writer

CALERA—Victory Buick GMC in Calera is voluntarily giving up their Buick GMC franchise, effective in the next 60 to 90 days, said owner Warren Bailey.

Bailey said that this decision was a “culmination of a lot of things” such as the decline of GMC, market changes and a lack of local market support for the product that led him to make the decision.

“It is a great product, but it is perceived as a premium product,” Bailey said. “With so much competition, it is hard for a small rural dealer to make a go of it.”

The decision to give up the franchise was a “painful” one, Bailey said, due to necessary personnel displacement and a great customer base.

However, Victory Buick GMC is not closing up shop completely. Under the new business model, the company will continue as an independent service center. The company is currently working with NAPA, the National Automotive Parts Association, to become a NAPA certified center.

Though Bailey is still working on a name for the new business “something Victory” will be incorporated, he said.

“We are excited about this new opportunity,” said Bailey.

Though the company will no longer be able to do warranty work on GMC products, Bailey said that they would “help facilitate” the process to the best of their ability with existing customers.

The company will also continue their medium duty commercial vehicle business, which Bailey said is “very strong.”

“With the power of the internet, it is a very viable option,” Bailey said. “We will continue to grow that industry.”

Despite the many changes taking place, the Bailey said that he is still very invested in Shelby County.

“We all grew up and were educated here in Shelby County. We intend to make this transition as seamless and with as much dignity as possible,” Bailey said.

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