Marriages for the week of May 7, 2014

Published 9:12am Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County for April 22-28, 2014:

-James Reynolds Wallace, 26, Birmingham and Caroline Marie Blackburn, 25, Birmingham.

-Thomas Bradford Evens, 22, Sterrett and Mallory Ashley Rockett, 22, Sterrett.

-Michael Leonard Finch, 38, Alabaster and Mirna Yolanda Santamaria Alvarez, 36, Alabaster.

-Arturo Banderas Carlos, 34, Calera and Lee Ann Bond Melendez, 45, Calera.

-Joey David Bullard, 32, Moundville and Jessica Plaster, 34, Moundville.

-Randy Kenneth Gallups, 56, Harpersville and Jean Marie McKim Gallups, 57, Harpersville.

-Paul Charles Vest, 43, Columbiana and Patricia Ann Abbott, 36, Columbiana.

-Peter Michael Brown, 59, Calera and Karen T. Tortorigi, 56, Calera.

-Matthew Scott Deason, 24, Calera and Kelsey Anne Newton, 22, Helena.

-Terrance Leon Day, 48, Wilsonville and Tammie L. Morris, 41, Wilsonville.

-Lary Jackson Chandler, 64, Calera and Linda Miller, 62, Calera.

-Matthew Thomas Harnden, 28, Alabaster and Jessica Jean Morales, 26, Alabaster.

-Brandon Clay Thornton, 30, Pelham and Mary Catherine Hawley, 26, Birmingham.

-Daniel Patrick Davidson, 27, Birmingham and Renee Nicole Shoup, 28, Birmingham.

-Lukas William Meadows, 25, Birmingham and Katelyn Renee Blair, 21, Birmingham.

-Sage Cantwell Davis, 27, Helena and Ashley Jane McCoy, 25, Pelham.

-Mark Anthony Briones, 39, Birmingham and Erika Leigh Kirksey, 28, Birmingham.

-John Wesley Brooks, 28, Houston, Texas, and Jennifer Marie Rankin, 28, Birmingham.

-Matthew Allen Chaney, 24, Chelsea and Jessalyn Marie Harrelson, 23, Chelsea.

-Larry T. Bright, 43, Pelham and Tonya Smith Rushton, 43, Pelham.

-Michael Christian Polland, 44, Childersburg and Elizabeth F. Williams, 39, Sterrett.

-Austin Dean Hodge, 21, Chelsea and Hannah Elaine Gamble, 21, Chelsea.

-Jason Dean Ledlow, 30, Alabaster and Laura Alicia Sims, 27, Columbiana.

-William Thomas McIntyre, 65, Birmingham and Carol Means Turner, 63, Birmingham.

-Joshua Adam Townes, 33, Pelham and Christine Calzada, 30, Pelham.

-Christopher Neil MacDonald, 23, Helena and Aundrea Nicole Freeman, 29, Helena.

-Joshua Eugene Stanford, 26, Pelham and Brandi Elizabeth Merritt, 23, Pelham.

-Rayford Thomas Little, 30, Helena and Brooke Louise Buchanan, 26, Helena.

-Jason Allen Cox, 34, Shelby and Mary Beth McDonald, 31, Shelby.

-Colbert Sidney Wooten, 23, Alabaster and Raychel Elizabeth Martin, 22, Alabaster.

-Jonathan Bart Mealer, 32, Shelby and Kimberly Ann McNeal, 26, Shelby.

-Richard Tinsley Ketcham, 26, Wilsonville and Anne Elizabeth Montgomery, 25, Montgomery.

-George Wayne Chambers, 64, Alabaster and Lisa Graham Powell, 59, Birmingham.

-Stephen Randall Dalton, 38, Shelby and Tricia Lynn Jacobs, 39, Shelby.

-Matthew Joseph Melancon, 23, Tuscaloosa and Laura Lee Hess, 24, Tuscaloosa.

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