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Why students should consider community colleges

Planning for college is an exciting time filled with many decisions. Many students are concerned about deciding a major and others about how they will ... Read more

Reform payday lending, respect free market

There are four times as many payday lenders in Alabama than there are McDonald’s. I run a business for a living, so I understand the ... Read more

Knowledge alone is not enough

As I sat listening to our church pastor talk about a New Testament-era Roman governor named Felix, I found my mind drifting from the stories ... Read more

Graduates, the future is yours

Graduates, the future is yours

I was fortunate enough to have a chance to cover a few of Shelby County’s graduations last week, and I couldn’t help but think about ... Read more

Don’t take our public servants for granted

Don’t take our public servants for granted

In Shelby County, we are blessed to have some of the most compassionate and professional public servants in the country. Read more

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