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Celebrating the right way

Last Tuesday, while most local schools were out for Veterans Day, many students spent the day relaxing, catching up on homework or spending time with ... Read more

Take time to thank a veteran

U.S. Army Sgt. Noah Galloway, the textbook definition of an American hero, said something profound last week. “Don’t get me wrong, I certainly appreciate it when ... Read more

Congratulations, first responders

Last Wednesday was a good day for firefighters and law enforcement officers throughout Shelby County, and plenty of our public servants were quick to point ... Read more

Foundation has impact on county

A friend of Big Brothers Big Sisters is celebrating their 25th Anniversary! The Alabama Power Foundation has been a source of support and friendship ... Read more

A powerful partnership

The photo taken at a ceremony before Kingwood Christian School’s Oct. 3 homecoming football game against Cornerstone Christian School said it all. The picture depicts members ... Read more

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