Move on Calera widening soon

If you’ve ever driven near the U.S. 31 bridge over Interstate 65 in Calera during a rush hour – or any time of the day, ... Read more

Another year in the books

In many ways, it’s hard to believe we’ve already reached the end of another year. In other ways, it seems like January 2014 was just ... Read more

THS, PHS serious about football programs

Over a six-day period, the football programs at Pelham High School and Thompson High School made some big splashes in the athletic world without playing ... Read more

Think fire safety

Last Thursday morning, a cloud of smoke enveloped most of Columbiana, as tragically, the Wilsonville and Columbiana fire departments fought to prevent a house on ... Read more

We will never forget

Social media websites for law enforcement agencies across Shelby County were flooded last week with well-wishes and prayers for the Pelham Police Department, its officers ... Read more

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